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Larysa Saad, Brooklyn woman slashed in throat by friend’s ex-boyfriend dies of injuries

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Larysa Saad, 42,  was taken off life support at Coney Island Hospital Tuesday, nearly two weeks after her friends’ estranged boyfriend cut her throat
Ruslan Baimov, 40, burst into his ex’s apt, pushing through an air conditioning vent seeking vengeance after his girlfriend dumped him
After holding two women hostage, he tied, stabbed and raped his ex after slitting her friend, Saad’s throat
Baimov’s girlfriend had gone with a Saad to visit Baimov’s apt and inform him their two-year affair was over
Returning to her own apt, the ex stepped out of the shower before midnight to find Baimov slitting her friend’s throat
He went on to stab his ex-girlfriend before sexually assaulting her
Baimov was earlier charged with attempted murder and rape which likely will be amended to murder
Larysa Saad 1.jpgKnife attack victim, Larysa Saad, was taken off life support on Tuesday

A 42-year-old Brooklyn woman whose throat was slashed by her friend’s deranged ex-boyfriend during a four-hour siege has died of her injuries, police said Wednesday.
Larysa Saad was taken off life support at Coney Island Hospital on Tuesday, 10 days after police say Ruslan Baimov ripped her throat open during a bloody attack in Seagate.
Family members plan to donate Saad’s organs, police sources said.
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Brooklyn man stabs, rapes ex-girlfriend in act of vengeance after slitting her friend’s throat

Saad was making tea in her friend’s apartment near Neptune Ave. and Beach 45th St. just before midnight on Oct. 28 when Baimov pushed in an air conditioner and climbed through an open window, police said.
A short time earlier, Saad’s friend had ended her relationship with Baimov, who lives on an upper floor.
After climbing through the window, Baimov slit Saad’s throat and then stabbed and raped his ex-girlfriend — all while the woman’s 11-year-old daughter hid in a bedroom, authorities said.
As Saad crumbled to the floor, barely able to breathe, the girlfriend ran into a bedroom and told her daughter to lock the door and not leave the room.
Baimov proceeded to hold the two women hostage for hours, alternating between kissing his wounded girlfriend and threatening to kill her.

Ruslan Baimov 3.jpgMurder suspect Ruslan Baimov was ordered held without bail following an arraignment hearing on Oct 31

Saad remained on the ground in a pool of her own blood, gurgling and gasping for air, Baimov’s girlfriend said. “She [Saad], tried to call 911 but she couldn’t,” the girlfriend said. “There was blood everywhere.”
He then bizarrely apologized, sources said, calling his girlfriend the only woman for him.
The girlfriend pushed Baimov away — but he then pinned her arms down, raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him, prosecutors said.
When the girlfriend tried to help her friend, Baimov turned the knife on his girlfriend, stabbing her in the right leg, sources said.
When Baimov eventually put the knife down on the couch, his girlfriend managed to push it between the cushions, later convince him to allow her to get her critically-injured friend a drink of water.
Baimov at some point grabbed beer he had placed outside the apartment’s door, then later stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. He took his girlfriend with him but she was unable to find anyone she could call out to for help.
Finally, four hours after he broke inside, close to 4:50 a.m. he told his girlfriend he was tired and going home and that she should call 911. Baimov ultimately left the apartment
Saad was rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where she was listed in critical condition on a respirator.
Baimov was quickly arrested and charged with attempted murder and rape. He was ordered held without bail following an arraignment hearing on Oct. 31.
The Brooklyn District Attorney office will most likely upgrade the charges to murder at Baimov’s next court appearance.

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