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Upstate New York woman whines about sentence in fiancé’s kayak death: ‘I don’t believe I was treated fairly’! Judge excoriates self-absorbed killer

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‘I don’t believe I was treated fairly’ – New York woman convicted of killing fiance whines about shaving to serve 48 months for murder
Angelika Graswald, 37,  was accused of killing fiancé  Vincent Viafore, 46, by removing the drain plug, from his kayak in April 19, 2015
She pushed a floating paddle away from him after his kayak capsized 
Graswald previously told police that she wanted to be ‘free from [Viafore’s] sex demands’
After admitting tampering with the ring on her fiance’s paddle, to cops, the killer recanted her confession, claiming it was coerced  
The suspect who knew she would collect $250,000 insurance payout on Viafiore’s death was indicted on 2nd degree murder 
Graswald, pled down murder and manslaughter charges in the death of Vincent Viafore, to criminally negligent homicide in July
Graswald received a sentence Wednesday in Orange County Court of 16 months to four years after her guilty plea to criminally negligent homicide
Angelika Graswald 10.png
A shackled and emotionless Angelika Graswald, stands in court.
in court during a hearing in 2015

A woman from upstate New York apparently believes she should be allowed to walk away free, after admitting to murdering her fiance.
Angelika Graswald confessed that sheremoved a plug from her fiance’s kayak before he drowned on the Hudson River whined that she was treated unfairly at sentencing. The admitted killer was mandated to serve up to four years in prison, on Wednesday.
Graswald, 37, had pled guilty in August in the death of 46-year-old Poughkeepsie resident Vincent Viafore, who lost his life in April of 2015.
She received a sentence Wednesday in Orange County Court of 16 months to four years after pleading to criminally negligent homicide. She had been originally charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

The kayaks used by the pair. Graswald was in the red kayak while Viafore was in the blue kayak.

A native of Latvia and a U.S. permanent resident, Graswald may face deportation after her 16 months on parole are up. That decision would be up to a federal judge, prosecutors said.
Her attorney Rice, reading a victim impact statement during the proceeding, asked Judge Robert Freehill to sentence Graswald to the maximum time allowed and said the family wants her to be deported after she finishes parole.

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NY woman, Angelika Graswald, FINALLY admits to sabotaging her fiance’s kayak on New York’s Hudson River leading to his death

N.Y. woman Angelika Graswald, confessed killing fiancé because she felt ‘trapped’ by his ‘sexual demands’

Angelika Graswald and Vincent Viafore 2.jpgAngelika with fiancé Vincent Viafore. She allegedly was going to collect $250,000 insurance payout

Even though she might be out of prison by December, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal, Graswald expressed disappointment with the turn of events. She has been in prison since her arrest.
“I loved Vince very much and miss him terribly,” she said in a statement through her lawyer Richard Portale. “I don’t believe I was treated fairly. This entire process was incredibly one-sided and unjust.”
“Four years for taking someone’s life? No way,” the victim’s mother, Mary Ann Viafore, told CBS.
“My son was a good man and everybody loved him and we miss him very much. I don’t ever want to see her again if I don’t have to.”

kayaker1Angelika Graswald with f​iancé, Vincent Viafore

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“it felt good knowing he was going to die” – Angelika Graswald, killed her fiance Vincent Viafore, by removing the drain plug from his kayak and kicking away his oar 

Graswald, also a Poughkeepsie resident, plotted to kill Viafore to collect some of the $250,000 from his life insurance policies, according to prosecutors. Viafore was not wearing a life vest or wetsuit when his kayak began sinking after investigators say Graswald secretly removed a drain plug.
After watching him drown, Graswald was rescued by emergency crews and reported her fiance missing. Viafore’s body was found nearly a month later.
“My brother did not deserve to have his life end this way,” Viafore’s sister, Laura Rice, said in a pre-sentence victim impact statement. “Our family feels Angelika should be held accountable for the actions she has admitted to where a short four year sentence does not seem just.”

The judge said those actions, combined with statements she made to police, show “you certainly have a lack of understanding of other people’s feelings,” adding that “It appears to me that you have an excessive need for admiration. You exhibit such exaggerated feelings of self-worth and Vincent Viafore was the unnecessary victim of that.”
As a two-time divorcée, Graswald obviously knew how to end “unsatisfactory relationships in a manner that would be socially and legally acceptable,” the judge added. “You could have walked out on Vinny if you were unhappy, rather than whatever it was in your mind that led to removing the plug and the other acts you took.”


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