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Photos show handcuffed rapper Nelly after his rape arrest on tour bus where nightclub hostess,Monique Green claims he assaulted her, then threw a $100 bill at her

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Photo emerge of a handcuffed Nelly after his rape arrest on messy tour bus where nightclub hostess claims he assaulted her
Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., aka Nelly,  was arrested in the early hours of October 7 the Seattle night club hostess called cops claiming sexual abuse
Monique Green claimed the 43-year-old rapper had raped her on his tour bus during an after-party onboard. 
Green, 22, called 911 after being thrown off the bus by Nelly following the alleged attack
Police arrested the rapper on his bus, but the charges have since been dropped because Green will not cooperate with police
The 22-year-old is suing Nelly in civil court, maintaining she was assaulted 
On Friday, photographs taken by police on the bus were released 
The accuser claims Nelly refused to wear a condom and had sex with her even as she was pleading that he shouldn’t.
After the rape, his entourage threw her off the bus, he then threw a $100 bill at her and they jeered as she tried to call an Uber ride at 3.40 am
Nelly has always denied the allegations, saying it was a fabrication motivated by greed and that is why Green dropped the case once investigations exposed it as a hoax
Monique Green who has agreed to be identified has filed a civil suit after voluntarily dropping the criminal case 
Monique Green and Nelly 1.pngMonique Green [left] has filed a civil suit against rapper Nelly  [right], claiming he raped her on his tour bus then threw her out , tossing a $100 bill at her in a Seattle parking lot on Oct 7 2017

Photographs of Nelly standing handcuffed after being arrested on rape charges which have since been dropped have emerged.
The 43-year-old rapper was arrested in the early hours of October 7 after 22-year-old Monique Green, who has agreed to be identified, called police to claim he had raped her on his tour bus during an after-party onboard.
Now that the criminal case is over Washington police released evidence in the case. The evidence includes surveillance videos, showing the rapper and his accuser, Monique Greene, leaving the Seattle nightclub where they met, getting on his tour bus … and also the moment when she leaves the bus and calls police to report the alleged rape.

Nelly arrested 1.png
Photos released show Nelly is pictured standing in the Seattle Walmart parking lot where the bus was parked in handcuffs, on Oct 7 2017 He was arrested on second-degree rape. The accuser has since dropped the charges

Green is a nightclub hostess in Seattle. She was working at the club where Nelly had performed the previous evening and said he attacked her on the bus after inviting her there for a party to follow on from the performance.
The bus was parked in a Walmart parking lot at the time of the alleged assault.
Green called police after allegedly being thrown off the bus by Nelly following the alleged attack.
Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., has always denied the allegations.
Nelly is pictured in handcuffs after his October 7 arrest. He was arrested in a Walmart parking lot in Seattle, Washington, where his tour bus was parked and where a woman claimed he had raped her moments before she called the police.
They criminal case against him was dropped when Green decided not to go ahead with pursuing charges but she is suing her alleged attacker in civil court.
On Friday, crime scene photographs taken on the tour bus and of what both of the pair were wearing were released and published by TMZ.

Monique Green 1.png
The accuser, club hostess Monique Green is seen in what appears to be a hospital gown, wiping tears from her eyes  

They showed the rapper standing by the side of the road in Seattle dressed in sweatpants, a sweater and with his hands cuffed behind his back after Green called police.
In his bedroom on the bus, the blue sheets appeared to be stained and the beds – both the rapper’s and camp beds for crew – were unmade.
There was a packet of baby wipes in the bathroom and clothes strewn across the bus.
In the bedroom, a football and football helmet were used as decorations.
Green is also pictured. She appears in what looks like a hospital gown, wiping tears from her eyes.
The 22-year-old nightclub hostess claims she went onto the rapper’s tour bus for an after party after meeting him at the club where she worked and he was performing but that he assaulted her.

She said he asked her back to his tour bus for an afterparty and that once they were there, they went into his bedroom.
Green claimed he started masturbating then had oral and vaginal sex with her against her will.
She claimed he refused to wear a condom despite her pleas that he use some protection.
After the alleged attack, she said was thrown off the bus by a member of Nelly’s entourage.
Standing outside in the parking lot on her own, she said Nelly then threw a $100 bill at her and harassed her as she tried to call an Uber. That is when she dialled 911. It was 3.40am., Green claims in her lawsuit

Shots of bed with ruffled sheets 4.pngThe bed sheets were ruffled when police went on board. Nelly has never denied having sex with the woman but says unequivocally that he did not attack her
TMZ reports that Greene has filed a lawsuit against Nelly for sexual assault and defamation. Nelly has in his own statements vowed to sue her. He is yet to file.
Green, 22, decided not to pursue criminal charges but is suing the rapper in civil court. Her attorney Karen Koehler, telling TMZ ‘she did not want to press charges because the pressure of accusing a huge star like Nelly was just too much for her client’

He was released from custody without charge not long afterwards, however.
Nelly denied the accusations immediately.

Nelly's tour bus is photographed parked in a Walmart parking lot 10.png bus was parked in a Walmart parking lot. The group drove from the nightclub where Green says she met the rapper back to the bus after his performance 

He has not denied that the pair had sex but says vehemently that no attack took place.
‘Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.
The police documents include the widely differing account of events from Nelly and Greene.
Nelly told police their sex — oral and vaginal — was consensual, and Greene had removed her own clothing. He says he did not use a condom, but also said he did not ejaculate. He claimed Greene only got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers, who was also on the bus at the time.
On the other side of the dispute Green said

Monique Green's clothing 2.pngUnderwear parade: Photos taken after Green accused Nelly of raping her on his tour bus on October 7 last year show the clothes both Green and the rapper were wearing. Green’s bodysuit and pants, that night, shown

Greene told police Nelly forcefully removed her pants and threw her onto the bed, and said, “You’re gonna take this d***.” She says he repeatedly told her during the intercourse, “That’s my p****.”
She says the forcible sex lasted for 30 minutes, and she believed he had ejaculated inside her, and also on her backside and front. Greene says Nelly offered her $2,500 and asked her to stay on the bus until their next destination, but she told him she’s not a prostitute. She claims another member of his entourage shoved her off the bus, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her.
This last point again is in dispute as Nelly says he handed her the one hundred dollar bill.

Shantel Jackson and boyfriend Nelly2.jpgNelly’s long-term girlfriend Shantel Jackson,  is standing by her man in the dispute

‘I am confident, once this scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges.
‘Nelly is prepared to address and pursue all legal avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation,’ his lawyer said in a statement at the time.
He has since threatened to file his own lawsuit against Green for slander.
Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum issued a statement that Green’s “reckless accusation, once investigated thoroughly, was exposed for what it was-a fabrication. A fabrication that has caused Nelly and his family to suffer emotionally and financially.”
He was not satisfied though that Green had dropped her criminal complaint.H e demanded a public apology from the accuser, and threatened to take legal action against her.
The rapper appeared to have secured the home front as girlfriend Shantel Jackson is unperturbed by the allegations and is standing by him.  Incidentally Ms Jackson herself is being sued by her ex-boyfriend, boxer Floyd Mayweather over claims she stole from him when they were dating,




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