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Kentucky hairdresser, Joseph Nickell, shoots his parents, his girlfriend and her mother, before killing himself

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A 45-year-old hairdresser killed four family member before committing suicide in a murderous rampage across two communities in Paintsville, KY, Feb 10
Joseph W. Nickell shot his parents, Arlene Nickell, 70,  and James Wayne Nickell, 75, at their Johnson County home, about 120 miles east of Lexington, Saturday afternoon
Nickell then killed his girlfriend, Lindsey Vanhoose, 41, and her mother, Patricia Vanhoose, 57, in their Paintsville apt before killing himself
Nickell’s Son, Joseph Cole Nickell, witnessed His Father Shoot His Grandfather
Nickell Was Last Working at a Hair Salon in Pikeville, KY
Sheriff said crime was ‘One of the most disturbing acts of violence I have ever seen’
The suspect Joseph Nickell, was a ​fan of President Donald Trump and made Islamophobic posts on Facebook
Relatives described the suspect as “a predator of the worst kind” who was “repeatedly,” and a “drug addict” 
Joseph Nickell 3.jpg
Drug-addicted, flag-waving, bible-thumping shooter: Joseph Nickell was a fan of president Trump, who made Islamophobic posts on Facebook

A hairdresser in Kentucky shot-and-killed four people before committing suicide in a murderous rampage across two communities on February 10. Cops in Johnson County say that in total, five people were killed, including the shooter, Joseph Nickell.
Kentucky state police on Sunday were investigating the murders of Arlene Nickell, 70, and her husband, James Wayne Nickell, 75, as well as Lindsey Vanhoose, 41, and her mother, Patricia Vanhoose, 57. Police said the youngest victim, Lindsey Vanhoose, was the shooter’s girlfriend.
In a statement, the Johnson County Sheriff’s office said that deputies were called to a home in McKenzie Branch, about 120 miles east of Lexington, at 3:33 p.m. on February 10. There, officers found the home owners, Arlene and JamesNickell, dead of gunshot wounds. Those victims are the parents of the alleged shooter, Joseph Nickell.

 James and Arlene Nickell 2.pngJoseph Nickell fatally shot his parents James and Arlene Nickell Arlene at their home in the McKenzie Branch community of Johnson County, KY, Saturday afternoon
Joseph Nickell 14.jpgIrony: Nickell posts ‘I Love My Family on Facebook,’ yet he so casually took their lives

Nickell’s teenage son, a college student was at his grandparent’s house where the first shootings occurred, but escaped and called 911.
Joseph Cole Nickell, told authorities that his father fled the scene in a black Toyota Camry.
Later, a tip led officers to a home in Paintsville, about 10 miles south of the original murder scene. Officers found three people dead, including Nickell, who apparently had committed suicide, at the second crime scene. The other two victims were identified as
Nickell’s girlfriend, Lindsey Vanhoose, and her mother, Patricia Vanhoose.

Joseph Nickell:1.jpgDespite Joseph Nickell’s public ‘Christian’ posturing, a family source revealed that Nickell was “a predator of the worst kind”  who was “repeatedly” in jail as well as being a “drug addict” 

Describing the gory scene, Sheriff Dwayne Price said in the statement, “This has been a horrific murder spree. The lives of four innocent victims were taken. The perpetrator then took his own life. There are no words to describe the heartbreak in seeing four lives taken due to the actions of one man. I have worked in law enforcement for 34 years. This is one of the most disturbing acts of violence I have ever seen.”

Lindsey Vanhoose, Joseph Nickell’s girlfriend 1.jpgNickell also killed his girlfriend, Lindsey Vanhoose and her mother before killing himself

Almost exactly three years before his death, Nickell was arrested and charged with being drunk in public, domestic violence causing minor injury and attempting to flee officers on foot. A family source revealed that Nickell was “a predator of the worst kind” and was “repeatedly” in jail as well as being a “drug addict.”

Joseph Nickell and his son Joseph Cole Nickell 5.jpgShooter Joseph Nickell [left], and his adult son,Joseph Cole Nickell. The younger Nickell witnessed his dad shoot his grandfather

Nickell has a college aged son who attends Morehead State University. His son shares his father’s name but goes by his middle name. Nickell’s son is the subject of multiple Facebook posts from his father. At the time of his son’s high school graduation, Nickell wrote, “Man, time goes by fast. God has been so good to me.”
In another message in March 2017, Nickell wrote, “So so blessed to have a son who loves the Lord.” A family member told that it was Nickell’s son who initially called 911 after seeing his father shoot his grandfather dead.

Becki and Joseph Nickell 2.jpgJoseph Nickell and  his sister Rebekah Lynn Nickell [left], who died in Aug 2017, three Months after she was arrested for possession. Family sources speculate he had a hand in her demise

Nickell’s sister, Rebekah, died in August 2017, just three months after been arrested in May 2017 for possession and public intoxication,
Rebekah Nickell who attended Lindsey Wilson College and Liberty University, had been working as a marriage and family counsellor at the Faith Counseling Center in Betsy Layne, Kentucky.
Her death was the subject of a discussion on Topix with one person writing that she had been married multiple times, had drug problems and was arrested at her job in May 2017. Another person wrote, “Ask her brother what happened.” To which another person wrote, “Agree.”
One of Nickell’s family members said that Joseph and his girlfriend, Lindsey Vanhoose had been accused of pushing Rebekah down the stairs the day before her death. The following day, after complaining of headache, Rebekah died after taking a nap. No autopsy was ever done as Nickell’s mother had Rebekah “buried immediately.”

Joseph Nickell 6.jpgJoseph Nickell dentifies himself as a cosmetologist and hair stylist.
Photo posted by Joseph Nickell of several weapons he owned.jpgPhoto posted by Joseph Nickell of several weapons he owned

Nickell maintained multiple different Facebook pages. According to one that was last updated on February 1, Nickell lived in Paintsville. Of the little other information that can be taken from that page, it shows that Nickell was a supporter of Israel.
His profile image was a graphic of the Israeli flag. On January 18, Nickell liked page titled “IDF Women.” The day before, Nickell wrote on his page, “Live your life to the fullest Keep Christ first!!!” Nickell is shown to be fan of Trump’s presidency and has made Islamophobic Facebook posts. A family source told that Nickell “hid behind religion.”

According to heavy, on a separate Nickell identifies himself as a cosmetologist and hair stylist. He also says that he is a representative for Nerium International anti-aging creams, a company that has been accused of being a pyramid scheme.
As of September 2017, Nickell said he was working at Intensity Salon in Pikeville, Kentucky.


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