Henri Van Breda, then 21, was accused of killing his parents and brother in axe attack in Jnuary 2015
The the Western Cape High Court Monday convicted Henri Van Breda, 23, in the deaths of his parents Martin and Teresa, 54 and 55, as well as his older brother, Rudi, 21
Younger sister Marli, then 15, had her jugular severed but somehow survived her wounds 
Breda told emergency operators his family was attacked and killed by masked intruders in a home invasion, before he fought him off
He was found guilty on three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of misleading justice
Multi-millionaire Martin van Breda was CEO of Engel & Völkers, Australia – The Australian transplant was a real estate developer whose estate is worth an estimated $16.1 million 
Investigators say Henri was motivated by the greed to acquire the family fortune
Henri van Breda 3.png‘It’s not looking good Henri’: Van Breda speaks with defence attorney Piet Botha before the verdict Monday

The 23-year-old troubled son of a millionaire South African real estate developer tycoon has been found guilty of hacking his parents and brother to death with an axe and leaving his sister with life-threatening injuries. two years ago.
Multi-millionaire Martin van Breda was CEO of Engel & Völkers, Australia

Henri van Breda, 23, claimed a masked intruder killed his 21-year-old brother Rudi and parents Martin, 54, and Teresa, 55, and badly wounded sister Marli at their South Africa home in January 2015.
But on Monday, Judge Siraj Desai swept his argument aside, finding him guilty on three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of misleading justice.  Related:
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Henri van Breda 4Partners?: Sartorial Henri van Breda arrives at the Western Cape High Court to hear the verdict in his trial Monday accompanied by girlfriend with Danielle Janse van Rensburg, who has supported him throughout the trial. He reportedly called her immediately after the murders 
Henri Van Breda 6.pngAll Rise!The suspect stands up to hear that he has been found guilty of murdering his family leaving only his sister, now permanently impaired

Henri Van Breda was convicted of hackingf his parents Martin and Teresa, 54 and 55, and his 21-year-old brother Rudi to death, as well as, the attempted murder of sister his teenage sister Marli, who was 15 at the time of the attack.

Van Breda who had been at odds with his family because of his frequent brushes with the law, sat emotionless in court as he was found guilty on two counts of murder, one of attempted murder, and one of misleading justice

Henri Van Breda 5.png
Reality hits for the stone cold Henri van Breda who stares into spaces as the GUILTY verdict is delivered
The suspect was devoid of emotion as the verdict was delivered, he is denied bail and will remain in custody until his sentencing.
In his testimony, he described ‘watching helplessly’ from a bathroom as a masked man attacked his family with an axe on January 26, 2015
When the attacker turned on him, Van Breda claimed, he disarmed the man and fought with him, before the assassin ran away.
Martin, Theresa and Rudi all died from deep wounds to their head and upper body. Marli suffered a severed jugular and is apparently unable to remember the incident, meaning she could not testify against her brother.
Danielle Janse Van Rensburg 1.pngSuspect’s teary girlfriend Danielle Janse Van Rensburg, departs court alone after verdict
In his summary, judge Desai raised multiple questions about the defence case.
‘The court is in agreement that it is highly unlikely that the security was breached by an intruder from outside the estate,’ Desai said.
‘The accused could not say how the security was breached [and] confirmed that he never felt insecure, unsafe or threatened while living on the estate.’
Desai also noted the axe and a knife used in the attack were both kept in the house.
He said it was ‘peculiar’ that an attacker would butcher an entire family, but leave one person in the corner of the room before going after him.
Another ‘odd’ detail, Desai said, was why such a hardened killer as Breda described would have fled after being disarmed, despite more weapons being in the house.
The judge questioned why Van Breda did not immediately call for help afterwards, but instead called his girlfriend and then went to sleep.
Van Breda family: Martin Martin Van Breda (right), his son wife Teresa, and eldest son Rudi (centre) and Marli (front) .jpgThe van Breda family before tragedy struck. The killer is seen with his older brother Rudi [centre], dad Martin van Breda [right], in the back row.  His sister Marli [left] and mom Teresa van Breda [right], front row. Martin, Theresa and Rudi all died in the attack. Marli survived the attack, but severed vocal chords has left her permanently speech impaired
Henry's sister Marli Van Breda survived the attack despite having her jugular vein slashedSurviving victim Marli van Breda, who was just 15 at the time of the attack, suffered a severed jugular from a blow to her neck but somehow survived her injuries

When Van Breda did eventually call the emergency services, two hours and 40 minutes after the attack, he ‘displayed a peculiar lack of empathy’, Desai said.

‘If the accused’s intention was to be helped as soon as possible, it does not explain why he first called his girlfriend, a minor schoolgirl residing in a hostel, several times from his mobile phone,’ Desai said.
During his evidence, van Breda had claimed that he was in the toilet when he saw the masked intruder attacking his family.
He said he had survived the attack with superficial stab wounds inflicted after he wrestled with the attacker who was trying to slit his throat. He said he then fell unconscious.
The state insisted the wounds were self-inflicted.
‘The accused testified that he was unaware of anyone with grudges against the family,’ Desai said.
‘The accused testified that he could not think of a reason… why the intruder did not simply remove valuables from the house.
‘The accused denied having any serious arguments with his family and stated that there was nothing out of the ordinary the night before the attack.’