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Matthew Haverly was shown speculating about body found in water – hours before he is arrested for his killing his mother, even as he feigned not knowing the victim dumped in creek across the street from his home

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Commenting on an apparent homicide in a media interview in Pennsylvania on June 1, Mathew Haverly said “I’m like, ‘What they hell is going on?’ And now I realize that’s what they were actually doing”
Haverly, 36, was speculating about body found in a creek across the street from his home in Wyalusing Township, Pennsylvania, with severe head injuries on June 1
 “I had no clue. It’s sad to say that that’s someone’s either daughter, mother or whatever.” he went on to say in the interview
It turns out the dead woman was his mother, 60-year-old Patricia Haverly
Cops arrested and charged Mathew hours later, the same day  with homicide after his mom’s body was fished out of water in Bradford County, Pa
Authorities said “something went bad” between Haverly and his 60-year-old mother before he killed her, wrapped her body and threw her in the creek
Matthew Haverly who is held without bail, has been charged with murder and abuse of a corpse in the May 31 death of his mother
Matthew Haverly 1.jpg‘Mother’s-Killer’ Matthew Haverly was charged with homicide after his mother Patricia Haverly’s body was found in a creek in Wyalusing Township, Pa., on June 1

A 38-year-old Pennsylvania man arrested for the beating death of his mother speculated that “it was some kind of hit” before the body was identified.

Matthew Haverly was grilled by a reporter about the body found in a creek in Wyalusing Township, across the street from where he lives.

“I’m like, ‘What they hell is going on?’ And now I realize that’s what they were actually doing,” he told WNEP in an interview at the time. “I had no clue. It’s sad to say that that’s someone’s either daughter, mother or whatever.”
Shortly after the body was recovered from the creek in Bradford County. Now, troopers have arrested the victim’s son, just hours after he spoke with Newswatch 16 about the discovery.
It turns out the Mathew was feigning not to know the victim, Patricia Haverly, his 60-year-old mother. He was arrested the following day and charged with homicide.

Before the victim’s identity was revealed, Matthew Haverly mentioned that his mother and neighbors might be “concerned.”

“I think it was some kind of a hit, and something happened,” he told the station.
“Something went bad, and this is like a rural area, so they just wanted to plant the body somewhere else besides wherever the hell they were from.”

Patricia Annhaverly 1.jpg
Patricia “Patty” Ann Haverly, [photo], cops say was killed by her 6-year-old son after an argument on May 31. in Towanda, Pa. The retired lab technician was found in a creek across the street form her home the next day

Passersby found the woman’s body around 5:30 pm Thursday evening in the Wyalusing Creek, under the Route 706 bridge, in Wyalusing Township in a creek in Bradford County.
The victim’s daughter identified Patricia Anne Haverly, a former DuPont lab technician who retired after over 30 years at the chemical giant. Stephanie Haverly contacted  police indicating her mother lived with Matthew.
Police interviewed Matthew Haverly on Friday, but he told investigators he had not seen his mother since Thursday night, and when he woke up Friday, he couldn’t find his mother or her phone anywhere.
He later amended his story, admitting to investigators that when he arrived home from running errands Thursday afternoon, he and his mother got into an argument. She followed him into his bedroom and tried to punch him in the face, before he finally grabbed her by the arms and pushed her away.
Mathew Haverly claimed he blacked out at that point and couldn’t remember anything that happened afterward.
Investigators on Friday found a wheelbarrow and black tarp consistent with the tarp discovered the day before in the creek, inside a shed on the property.
Inside the house, troopers also discovered numerous doors that had been damaged, consistent with a fight, the criminal complaint stated.

Matthew Haverly 2.jpgMatthew Haverly feigned ignorance for the viewing public, after his mother’s body was found dumped in a nearby creek with severe head trauma

It turns out “something went bad” between Haverly and his 60-year-old mother. Investigators say Matthew Haverly killed his mother and then wrapped her body in a large black tarp before dumping it in Wyalusing Creek, according to the Star Gazette.

An autopsy found that she suffered several blows to the head, according to the newspaper.
The suspect admitted to cops that he had a tempestuous relationship with his mother, that they had also argued the same day her body was found. The Medical Examiner said the victim had suffered trauma to the top and right side of her head, besides showing two recent bruises on the outer bicep of each arm, consistent with being grabbed by someone. She had small lacerations on her arms and elbow consistent with defensive wounds, the ME concluded.

“It’s heartbreaking because he comes across concerned, and that’s what’s scary because you don’t know what’s going on next door at your neighbor’s house,” local resident Vanessa Billings said.

In addition to murder, Matthew Haverly was also charged with abuse of a corpse in the May 31 death of his mother,
Matthew Haverly remains in the Bradford County Correctional Facility without bail following his arraignment on the charges in District Justice Court.


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