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Georgia State sophomore got face tattoo matching boyfriend’s before he ‘murdered her and dumped her bloodied body in abandoned mall’ – Emmett Davis charged with murder in killing of his girlfriend, Silling Man

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Georgia State sophomore, 19, got a face tattoo just like her boyfriend’s before he ‘murdered her and dumped her bloodied body in abandoned mall’ 
Emmett Davis was the boyfriend of Silling Man, the GSU student found dead in December in the back of a Subway in Gwinnett Place Mall. Davis is accused of killing Man by asphyxiation.  
Davis, 21, charged with aggravated assault and felony murder in November 2017 killing of his girlfriend, 19-year-old Silling Man
Man’s partially mummified body was found inside a blood-spattered vacant sandwich shop at Gwinnett Place Mall in December 2017 
Police believe Davis brutally beat Man, stomped on her finger, dragged her through her blood on the floor and then sat on her chest,and she died of asphyxiation 
The remains of the missing college student  was positively identified in January 2018, and Davis was arrested on June 14
Police say he had been an abusive and controlling boyfriend who made Man wear the same clothes as him and get a matching face tattoo  
Emmett Davis  2.jpgEmmett Davis appears at his preliminary hearing at a Gwinnett County Magistrate Court on Thursday, June 28, 2018.

Graphic new details have emerged during a preliminary hearing for a Georgia man accused of murdering his 19-year-old girlfriend possibly by sitting on her chest after forcing her to get a face tattoo like his.
Emmett Davis, 21, was arrested earlier this month in connection to the death of Georgie State University sophomore Silling Man, whose decomposing body was discovered inside a vacant eatery at Gwinnett Place Mall in late December 2017.
Investigators believe the psychology major had been killed by asphyxiation about a month before a maintenance worker discovered her remains.

On Thursday, Davis appeared in court for a hearing, during which Gwinnett police detective Brian Dorminy testified about the state of Man’s body and the crime scene.
Dorminy said the first thing he noticed upon entering the abandoned Subway sandwich shop at the mall on December 21 was ‘blood and hair all over the floor.’
The victim had four broken ribs, and a finger on her right hand was mutilated and fractured, reported Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Emmett Davis [left], and Silling Man (right) Emmett Davis [left] is accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend, 19-year-old Georgia State University student Silling Man [right], and dumping her body at a mall in Gwinnett County, Ga

Police believe her boyfriend, Davis, cut off Man’s air supply by sitting on her chest, killing her.
They suspect the copious amount of blood observed at the crime scene came from injuries to her finger, which appeared to have been ‘stomped on,’ her bruised nose or lip.
Dorminy told the court there were finger marks indicating that Man had been dragged through her own blood coating the floor, and her shoe prints were also in the blood.
The college sophomore had four broken ribs and injuries to her finger and face, but police say she died of asphyxiation.
‘Her fingers had been mummified and she was not recognizable,’ Dorminy said.

 Silling Man 2.png
College sophomore Silling Man, [photo] had four broken ribs and injuries to her finger and face, but police say she died of asphyxiation 

Man’s family told police that she had been in an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with Davis.
Dorminy testified, based on his interviews with witnesses, that Davis had been beating Man in the weeks leading up to her death. He allegedly made her wear the same clothes as him and even talked her into getting a tattoo on her left jawline to match his own body art.
The 19-year-old was first reported missing on October 8, 2017, before returning home when police opened an investigation.
Two days later – after her missing person case was closed – Man vanished a second time.
Between November 10 and 21, the pair had bounced from one hotel to another. One hotel manager called police after noticing what appeared to be bruising around the woman’s eyes.
When officers responded to the scene, Man refused to talk and failed to file a report.

On November 20, she picked up her final pay check from her work at the Michael Kors store at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody.
Her co-workers said Man appeared ‘unrecognizable,’ sporting a thermal jumpsuit and aviator sunglasses, beneath which her eyes appeared swollen, Dorminy told the court.
A store manager was so unsettled by her appearance that he contacted the police, but by the time officers arrived, the woman had left.


Cellphone and Uber records indicate, according to police, that Davis and Man used the ride-sharing service together to reach Gwinnett Place Mall shortly before 4am on November 30.
Two days after the woman’s body was found at the mall in December, Davis sold her iPhone at a pawn shop and went to stay with his mother in New York, Dorminy said.
After Man was identified as the victim found at the mall in January 2018, police called Davis, who reportedly told them that he last saw her a couple of weeks ago, reported WSB-TV.
Investigators said that would have been impossible because Man had been dead longer than that.
When police responded to the restaurant space where Man was found on Dec. 21, Man’s blood and hair was “all over the floor” across two rooms in the restaurant.
Man’s shoe prints were in the blood, along with finger marks indicating she had been dragged through the blood, police sources said.
Man was not shot or stabbed, but the blood could have come from the fractured finger, which appeared to have been “stomped on,” or from wounds to her nose or lip, the detective said.
Man was found wearing the jumpsuit that she was seen in at Michael Kors and in the tattoo parlor. The garment is designed to insulate heat, which contributed to the body’s level of decomposition.
Police also said they found Davis’ fingerprint in Man’s blood on a door frame at the crime scene, reported 11Alive.
Davis returned to Georgia in May and settled in Lawrenceville. On June 14, he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and felony murder, and ordered held without bond.

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