On Thursday, the Austin Police Department named Charles Curry as the suspect in four separate shootings that injured two victims a day earlier. Police said he is also the suspect behind the shooting death of Christian Meroney, 32.
Police said Curry allegedly drove around in his car and shot at victims with a handgun.
He was arrested Wednesday evening at the apartment complex where Meroney was found dead with a gunshot shot wound.

Christian Meroney 2.JPGhomicide victim: Christian Meroney, 32, was the one fatality during Curry’s shooting rampage. Victim and shooter lived in the same apt complex, but no link between the men has been discovered

Around 1pm on Wednesday, July 11, Curry reportedly failed in his attempt to purchase a gun suppressor when the  clerk at an Austin shooting Range refused to sell the suppressor because the prospective buyer was “acting very strangely”.
An Hour later, he shot a 33-year-old Hispanic woman driving with her three children in the car, in the head. She was taken to the hospital with superficial injuries.
Half an hour later, he made another shooing attempt, but no one was injured. Within two minutes , on a third try he shot a 25-year-old white female who was driving when a bullet entered her vehicle and hit her in the head. The glass also hit her face. She was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
His last attempt was at 2:40 pm, fortunately no injuries were reported.
Later around 5pm on Wednesday cops were told by a witness that he saw a man get into a boat with a gun before his wife heard the shots.
Austin police say with the help of surveillance video from the first shots fired case, they were able to identify the suspect’s vehicle. Witnesses and victims told police the shooter was driving a white Chevy Tahoe.

Charles Wilson Curry Jr 3Charles Wilson Curry Jr [right],went on a murderous three day shooting rampage in Austin, Texas this week
Charles Wilson Curry Jr 6.jpgCharles Wilson Curry Jr’s LinkedIn Page Says He Had a Background in Finance & Politics & Facebook Photos Show Him With a Firearm

Police also found Curry was the owner of the boat the shooter was observed boarding.
With the information they had from the July 9 homicide, police started making the connection that the shooting spree could be related.
A ballistic test was ordered on the evidence collected at the homicide scene compared to the various shootings and they came back a match.
Police said the motive for both the shootings and homicide are unknown.
Charles Wilson Curry Jr. is currently in the Travis County Jail charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police arrested him at the Post South Lamar apartments Wednesday afternoon. Records show Curry lives at the Post South Lamar apartments.
The Austin Police Department says it plans on filing a murder charge soon.
A quick look at Curry’s Linkedin profile shows that the Vanderbilt University grad claimed to work for Speaker of the House Joe Straus and Representative Lyle Larson.
The profile describes him as having a “financial background with a current focus in politics.”
He also claimed to work as a policy analyst for the Texas Senate.
The president for the consulting firm that represented Speaker Straus, and who Curry worked for, told KXAN that the homicide suspect “exaggerated his LinkedIn profile and was never a campaign coordinator for his firm.”
Curry is being held at the Travis County Jail with charges of aggravated assault with a