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 Jessica Ann Tyson, a Donald Trump supporter is running for office as a Republican, while identical twin sister Monica Sparks is running for office as a Democrat – Same district in Michigan, still love themselves

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Identical twin sisters are running for office in Michigan – but one is a Democrat while the other is not just a Republican, she is a vocal Trump supporter
Monica Sparks and Jessica Tyson, 46, are identical twins who live in neighboring electoral districts in Michigan and are running for seats on the governing board that oversees Kent County
While Sparks is a Democrat her twin Tyson is a Republican and supporter of Trump – the pair admit they often have debates about their differing political views
But they insist their differences have not caused a rift in their relationship
For the Aug 7 primaries  Sparks faces several challengers for the Democratic ticket, while Tyson is running unopposed for the Republican nomination
Their recipe for fixing a polarized America – ‘You start by getting in the same room… and come prepared with open ears, an open mind and open heart’… ‘Then we will be able to find solutions’
Monica Sparks 1Both women are currently campaigning for a seat on the governing board that oversees Kent County, Sparks seen here is running as a Democrat 
Jessica Ann Tyson 1.pngTyson [photo], is campaigning for a seat on the same governing board that oversees Kent County, but she is running as a Trump loving Republican
Jessica Ann Tyson [left] and her twin sister Monica Sparks [right] 4Filial bonds were tested when Tyson [left] endorsed the Republican running in Sparks’ district over her own sister – They still love and support each other, in spite of that ‘slight’ hiccup

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