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Family and friends of pregnant reality star found dead and half-naked with a bag of cocaine in the Bronx cry foul; They believe Lyric McHenry may have been dumped after dying elsewhere

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Lyric McHenry, 26, was discovered above the Major Deegan expressway in the Bronx, NY around 5am on Tuesday, 14 miles from where she had been partying in Manhattan
McHenry who was 20 weeks pregnant, was wearing a pajama top and underwear and had a bag containing which police believe is cocaine
While cops suspect a drug overdose after night out celebrating her birthday, family and friends dont’t recall ahistory of drug abuse
The theory of an intelligent young woman jeopardizing the life of her baby with drug use, questioned
Her mother Jennifer, 61, a stylist to the stars, was taken to hospital after learning of the death
She had been working as a movie producer and living in Lower East Side of Manhattan, about 12 miles from where she was foun

Lyric McHenry 1.JPGThe family of a pregnant reality star found dead in the Bronx, New York in just a pajama top and her underwear and in possession of cocaine believe her death was the result of foul play.
Lyric McHenry, 26, [photo, left], was discovered lying on a Bronx sidewalk early Tuesday after a night spent hopping between bars and nightclubs in lower Manhattan.
Police believe a drug overdose claimed the life of the Stanford graduate, who had volunteered for the Obama campaign and been best friends from childhood with EJ Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson, with whom she had appeared in E!’s EJNYC.
Her father Doug while her mother is a Hollywood based professional stylist whose client list includes Oprah Winfrey.
Her mother Jennifer, 61, who lives in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles collapsed Tuesday after hearing the news from her younger daughter Maya and was later taken away by emergency services.
Earlier this month Jennifer posted a birthday message on Instagram with the two posing together calling her ‘one of the greatest gifts of my life’.
26-year-old Lyric was found dead, partially-clothed and with a bag of cocaine hours after she was out on the town celebrating her birthday.

Lyric McHenry and her mom Jennifer, 1.JPGLyric McHenry’s mom Jennifer posted this birthday message for her daughter earlier this month. Lyric died on a night out celebrating her birthday.
A source close to the family revealed that the family had been told it seemed the reality star had died somewhere else and been dumped where she was found.
Another family friend said he also suspected that Lyric’s death than a simple drug overdose. ‘I knew her personally. She was friends with my cousin. She was over at my house probably about a month ago. It’s sad.

‘I don’t see how you can overdose like that. Why would you be on cocaine when you’re pregnant? It doesn’t add up. It seems like there’s some foul play involved.’
Her mother reportedly, had been distraught.
‘Jennifer’s other daughter called and told her mother that Lyric was deceased,’ a family friend present at the time said.
‘I was in the back and I heard the screaming. At first I thought it was a dog. Then I thought it was a baby. But it kept going, louder and then softer, and it kept going.
‘It wasn’t like anyone being hurt, it was like someone hurting internally. Everyone was trying to find out what was going on. You can recognize the sound of pain coming from a woman.
‘The police and fire department came and took her to the hospital. There were four police officers and two ambulances from the fire department.
‘She’s in a bad way. If you get a call saying your daughter is dead, your life goes boom.’

Raised in Los Angeles, Lyric enjoyed a Hollywood upbringing, where bot parents have careers in film and fashion.
In her Linkedin profile, stylist Jennifer McHenry notes that her clients include Oprah Winfrey, LaTanya and Samuel L. Jackson. as well as, Magic and Cookie Johnson whose son’s reality show Lyric produced and appeared in.
Other clients include Vogue editor Anna Wintour and actor Forest Whitaker.

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