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‘Mine is the only natural bum’! Last ever Miss Bumbum contest descends ends in Bumbum bust-up! Chaos as SORE loser tears off winner’s sash, saying: ‘Mine is the only natural bum’

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‘I grabbed the winner’s ribbon because I’m the only woman who really deserves the title… ‘I represent the natural Brazilian bum and nobody can take that away from me… ‘The three women who got the most votes are all fake, their bottoms are pure silicone, that’s an injustice.’

Last ever Miss Bumbum contest descends into chaos as loser who did not even make the final three, tears off winner’s sash, saying: ‘Mine is the only natural bum’
The São Paulo nightclub’s crowd was stunned as Aline Uva, 27, stormed the stage and violently claimed the title saying the top three bums ‘are pure silicone’
Ellen Santana, 31, was defiant in victory, saying, I won because ‘My butt is by far the firmest’
Other contestants were furious as the second runner-up place went to a transsexual, even after they protested her participation from the onset
Ellen Santana, [left], tries clinging to her winner's sash as Aline Uva, [right] tries to grab it 1.JPGSore loser: Ellen Santana, [left], tries clinging to her winner’s sash as Aline Uva, [right] shocks the other contestants by ripping it from her

The very last edition of Brazil’s Miss Bumbum competition last night turned out to be quite memorable in more ways than one, as chaos descended on the arena after a sore loser ripped off the winner’s ribbon just as she was crowned.
Ellen Santana, 31, representing the state of Roraima, was awarded the coveted title of Brazil’s best backside at the ceremony at Club Eazy in São Paulo. Just then Aline Uva, 27, who missed out on any of the first three places, suddenly ran on stage and snatched the ribbon from the legitimate winner before claiming she was the only ‘100% natural’ contestant.
The bizarre antic left onlookers at the long-awaited final initially unsure as to who had won the accolade.

Furious Uva, whose 110cm bum is 5cm bigger than winner Ms Santana’s, claimed the vote had been ‘sabotaged’ and that she should have won, as she was the only contestant with a backside which hadn’t been surgically enhanced.
She had also gained the most public votes in the run-up to the final.
Speaking backstage she said: ‘I obeyed all the rules and my bum is the only one that’s 100% natural.
‘I grabbed the winner’s ribbon because I’m the only woman who really deserves the title.
‘I represent the natural Brazilian bum and nobody can take that away from me. The three women who got the most votes are all fake, their bottoms are pure silicone, that’s an injustice.’

‘I worked the hardest and deserve this title because my butt is by far the firmest. To be a winner you need to know how to lose, and if I’d have lost I would have done so with dignity, unlike her.
She added: ‘Now I want to be an inspiration to women around the world. To show them that they can achieve everything they dream of, whatever adversaries they face.’
In another twist, the competition’s third place went to transsexual Paula Oliveira, 27, who was a man before undergoing sex change surgery six years ago.
Fellow contestants had demanded Oliveira, who has a 117cm wide bottom, be barred from the competition, claiming it should only be open to those who were born women.

Fifteen contestants had arrived at the final of the Miss Bumbum competition, whittled down from hundreds of hopefuls. The peagant which has garnered global attention is the last of its kind in Brazil after organisers decided to end the contest which has catapulted winners to fame and fortune.
Instead, a Miss Bumbum World competition is to be held in May next year in Moscow.
This year’s contestants included a police woman, an estate agent and a journalist, all vying to be named the best bottom in Brazil.


Before they were brought on stage, the winner of Miss Bumbum Japan, which began this year, was presented to the hundreds of awaiting photographers who had gathered.
Then in front of a panel of judges, the women paraded their bottoms first in a nightgown then in a bikini.
Many left little to the imagination as their wiggled and gyrated to their choice of music, with judges awarding a score between 0 and 10. Expectation was in the air as the seconds counted down to find out who would be crowned the eighth Miss Bumbum at this historic last edition of the competition.
But seconds after compeer, Cacau Oliver announced Santana as the winner, bitter rival Uva jumped on stage to grab her winner’s ribbon, before gyrating and thrusting her bottom in an apparent victory dance.
Confusion ensued as organisers tried to keep order and persuade rampaging woman, representing Rio Grande do Sul state, to hand the sash back.
Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Brazil’s biggest beauty pageant has been rocked by scandal.
Earlier this year the contest’s only black contestant, Cassia Almeida, accused the organizers of racism, claiming they had rigged the online voting so she wouldn’t make the final.
The Miss Bumbum franchise was also slammed after producing a Barbie-style doll with a butt lift, claiming the toy’s huge behind represented ‘real Brazilian curves’.

Ellen Santana, on stage celebrating just before she's attacked by Aline Uva 1.JPGThe flag waving and the packed house did not deter Aline Uva from disrupting the euphoria of Ellen Santana who was celebrating her victory before Uva, one of the losing contestants snatched the winner’s sash away

Last year’s competition was rocked by a vote-rigging scandal just days before the final, when a Brazilian newspaper revealed how some hopefuls were using robots to cast thousands of votes to ensure they made it through.
Since it first began in 2011 Miss Bumbum has gained worldwide fame as thousands of women are whittled down to 27, each representing a Brazilian state, before a public vote sends 16 through to the live final.
Winners become overnight celebrities and go on to earn thousands of pounds in modelling contracts and endorsements.


Mr Oliver, the competition’s founder, explained why he has decided that this year’s Miss Bumbum was to be the last, despite its continuing popularity.
‘Miss Bumbum has become Brazil’s biggest beauty competition, and one of the most famous in the world. Only the Rio carnival gets more media coverage, and our winners have gone on to become household names, ambassadors of the Brazilian bottom around the world, he said
‘But all good things come to an end. We are now allowing anyone from around the world to compete for the title of the planet’s sexiest bottom in Miss Bumbum World. We’re excited about finding the world’s best bottom.’
The franchise is also launching Miss Bumbum competitions in other countries including Japan and Russia, and a reality show in which transsexuals go through sex change surgery.


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