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Four dead, including rookie police officer and a pharmacist, after spurned groom, Juan Lopez, ‘shot his ER doctor ex-fiance six times in Chicago hospital parking lot and then continued shooting inside’ – All victims identified

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Four dead, including 28-year-old police officer, after gunman ‘shot his ER doctor ex-fiance SIX TIMES in Chicago hospital parking lot and then continued shooting inside’
Dr Tamara O’Neal, 32, was killed when Juan Lopez confronted her at Mercy Hospital The shooter identified as
Officer Samuel Jimenez, 28, was also killed in the horrific shooting on Monday  
Lopez, 32,  shot O’Neal three times in hospital’s parking lot before she fell to ground, he then stood over her and fired three more times before going into the hospital
Lopez then fatally shot a female pharmacy resident Dayna Less, 24, as she was getting off an elevator
Jimenez, a father-of-three, had just finished his probationary period at the Chicago PD
O’Neal and Lopez were to wed on October 27 but she called it off in September
Lopez a divorced father-of-one  worked for the Chicago Housing Authority, as an associate program specialist
Currently enrolled as a graduate student at his alma mata,  DePaul University, he was married in 2008 but was divorced by 2015 after his ex-wife accused him of physical abuse
Chicago Fire Dept say Lopez  was “accused of aggressive and improper conduct toward females at the academy,” during a brief stint with the Dept, before he “ was disciplined and terminated”
Juan Lopez 132-year-old Chicago Housing Authority Employee Juan Lopez [photo], has been identified as the shooter who gunned down his ex-fiancee and killed two other people, including a police officer, at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday 

Four people are dead, including an ER doctor and a police officer, after a gunman killed his ex-fiancee and two others at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday.
The 32-year-old gunman, identified by sources as Juan Lopez, and his ex-fiancee Dr Tamara O’Neal are among the dead.
Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez, 28, was also killed in the shooting. Jimenez, a married father-of-three, had only just completed his probationary period.
Inside the building, Lopez fatally shot a female pharmacy resident Dayna Less as she was getting off an elevator. 24-year-old Less is a graduate of Purdue University, hospital staff said.
O’Neal, an ER doctor at the hospital, was reporting for work when she was confronted by Lopez just before 3.30pm.
Sources say Lopez was fatally shot by a SWAT team officer at the scene, but the manner of his death has not been confirmed.

Mercy Hospital, Chicago Parking lot 2The shooter Juan Lopez, died inside the hospital after he was reportedly shot by a SWAT team officer
Just seconds later, a second call came in. Shots had been fired.

James Gray saw Lopez and O’Neal talking to one another in the parking lot when he suddenly pulled out a gun.
‘The gentleman turned around and shot three times in the chest,’ Gray told WLS. ‘Once she fell to the ground, he turned around and shot her three more times’.
After Lopez shot O’Neal again, he shot at a police car that began driving towards him and then entered the hospital.
‘Officers observed him with a handgun,’ Johnson said. ‘He fired multiple shots before they could exit the squad car.’

Mercy Hospital, Chicago. Doctors flee active shooter sceneThe hospital was partially evacuated following reports of an active shooter and a stream of medical personel in white coats and scrubs could be seen leaving Mercy Hospital during the active shooter situation on Monday

Lopez shot the pharmacist just as she was getting off an elevator.
‘That poor woman got off an elevator,’ Superintendent Johnson said. ‘She had nothing to do with nothing, and he shot her. Why?’
Lopez also shot at a second police officer, but the bullet struck his holster and embedded into the gun. He was not injured.
Gray said the scene inside the hospital was ‘mass chaos’.
‘Once he entered, he just started shooting at random,’ Gray told NBC Chicago. ‘It looked like he was turning and pointing at people at random.’
Johnson said during the exchange of gunfire inside the hospital, the shooter was fatally struck, though it was not immediately clear if he was struck by police fire or if it was a self-inflicted gunshot.

Lopez shot at a second police officer, the bullet lodges in his gun 2.pngLopez had also shot at a second responding police officer. The bullet struck his holster and embedded into the gun [photo], but he was not injured
Chigo Fire Dept honor police officer Samuel Jimenez 1.pngChicago Fire Dept honor fallen police officer Samuel Jimenez, hoisting the American flag. Jimenez died after he was shot responding to the active shooter report at Mercy Hospital on Monday

Witness Hector Aditia was watching television in the hospital’s waiting room when he saw Lopez shoot O’Neal.
Aditia said Lopez reloaded twice, firing ’32 bullets each’ time, once he went inside the hospital.
‘He was shooting like a maniac,’ Aditia told the Chicago Tribune. ‘And he obviously knows how to shoot because he was holding the gun with both hands.’
‘I was trying to help out as much as I could.Get people out of the way of the windows. Because he could have easily just aimed at us too.’
Lopez died inside the hospital after he was shot in the head by a SWAT team officer, according to CBS Chicago.
Jimenez was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition and died hours later from his injuries.
A procession from the hospital to Cook County Morgue will be held for Jimenez on Monday night.

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