Bronx man walks into precinct, surrenders to police after he killed his girlfriend,  in their home
Angel Felix Ramirez and confessed to killing his girlfriend Indira Ramirez-Rivers, Wednesday
Rodriguez, 24, showed up at the 48th Precinct just before 6 p.m., confessed the killing, surrendered the keys to his apt 
He told officers he killed Rivers,  21, in their basement apt and gave officers his consent to search the home
Cops found the body in a bathroom with apparent trauma to the neck, indicating strangling
Rodriquez was charged with murder and manslaughter for the slaying,
Police are still working to determine a motive for the killing
Angel Felix Ramirez [left] confessed to killing his girlfriend Indira Ramirez-Rivers [right], in their basement at 1628 Nelson Ave in the Bronx, NY