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US banker accused of killing hotel worker in Anguilla shares photos of his injuries, says he put up the fight of his life against maintenance man who ‘pulled a knife on him and tried to rob him in front of his young daughters’

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UBS banker Scott Hapgood , 44, was charged with manslaughter for the death of Kenny Mitchel in Anguilla said on Thursday that he did what any parent would have done  
Gavin Scott Hapgood claims he was defending his family after the 27-year-old hotel worker he’s accused of killing while on vacation in Anguilla  ‘pulled a knife on him and tried to rob him in front of his young daughters’
Cause of death for Kenny Richie Marty Mitchell, was listed as prone restraint, positional asphyxia and blunt force trauma to the head, neck and torso
The investment banker, his wife and three young children were was staying at the Malliouhana resort hotel in Anguilla on April 13, when Mitchel allegedly showed up at his room claiming to wanted to fix a sink 
Hapgood says he came inside, pulled a knife on him and tried to rob him – He was inside with his two young daughters at the time and fought the would-be robber off 
He shared photos of his injuries and says he put up the fight of his life against 27-year-old maintenance man  – he suffered bites to the face and cuts before a security guard intervened
His wife  Kallie claims she was not in the room when Mitchel appeared claiming to want to fix the sink , local reports put her on the scene, filming the incident on her white I-Phone
Hapgood is due back in Anguilla on August 22 but is in the US after posting bail  
On Thursday Kallie Hapgood and the rest of their family backed his claim that he was merely defending his young children.
They claim Mitchel had come to rob them and that Hapgood put up the fight of his life during which he was bitten several times on the nose.
In a photograph taken after the incident, he is seen bruised and bleeding with the skin on his nose ripped.
‘When Scott and our family went on vacation, we never thought he would end up defending himself and our young children against an armed intruder.
Hapgood insisted he never called for a maintenance worker to come to his room, and said he instinctively allowed Mitchel into his room because he was wearing a hotel uniform.
“Neither Scott nor any member of our family knew the attacker before April 13, 2019, when he came to our room, dressed in the hotel’s uniform,” the family statement said.

The case has enraged local residents who said it was unjust that Hapgood was allowed to post bail.
Mitchel’s brother has also spoken out in defense of him. He said he would never have tried to steal from a hotel guest.
‘He would never try something that dumb. Even if it was possible he would not,’ Kimon Mitchel told NBC last month.
‘Why would someone try to do something like that? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense,’ he said, adding that his brother was ‘so nice’ he even refused tips from hotel guests sometimes.
‘He was a very nice person, and people at the hotel would always have good things to say.
‘Everyone knew Kenny, everyone knew what type of person he was,’ he added.

A local radio host also said it would have been out of character for him to steal.
‘Everyone on the island can vouch for him. He is a hard worker; he did a lot of jobs at the hotel, he comes from a very good family, his father has a stellar record, brother has an unblemished record.
‘Nobody can say that he was the type of person who would try to rip off someone or try to steal,’ said Haydn Hughes.
On Sunday, April 14, in a statement, Anguilla police acknowledged the incident took place. By Monday, almost everyone on the island was aware of Mitchell’s death but Hapgood was still a free man.
On Tuesday, when Hapgood, who still hadn’t been arrested, was given a police escort across the island to the Four Seasons Hotel, Anguillans lined the streets and were outraged to witness the spectacle of privilege.

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