Texas dad, 68, is arrested for murder after ‘shooting his son multiple times, in what police called an ‘unprovoked attack’ on June 2 , in Houston, TX
After shooting his son Sherman Shirley Fricks, 68, launched into a  20-minute “father-son talk” with this injured son as he lay dying on the floor
Sherman Palmer Fricks, 27, finally died when his father pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed him multiple times, killing him 
The older Fricks, is charged with first-degree murder in shooting and stabbing death of his son, Sherman Palmer Fricks
Prosecutors say father opened fire on his son after the young man returned home from lunch and gave his dad a ‘smart remark’  
Fricks told police his initial plan was to shoot his son in the back emptied the magazine on his son, after he he gave him a ‘smart remark’ on Sunday
The younger man did not die right away, prompting the frenzied knife attack
Prosecutors said that the relationship between the father and son had been strained for some time, and that the elder Fricks had grown tired of his son’s attitude
Judge set the suspect’s bond at $60,000, which he later posted and was released
He faces a possible life sentence if he’s convicted, of first-degree felony murder

Sherman Shirley Fricks 2Alleged killer: Sherman Shirley Fricks, [photo], has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting, then repeatedly stabbing his son, Sherman Palmer Fricks, who died on Sunday in Houston, Texas