Leaders of the white nationalist Aryan Brotherhood gang were charged with directing killings and multistate drug smuggling from Pelican Bay State Prison in California
A total of 16 Aryan Brotherhood prison gang members were charged Thursday by feds with killings and drug smuggling
The charges detail five murders of people who went against the gang and accuse an attorney of helping smuggle drugs and cellphones into the jail
The inmates charged are Daniel “Danny” Troxell, Ronald “Renegade” Yandell, William Sylvester and Kevin McNamara, who are long-time gang members
Despite its racist philosophy, the Aryan Brotherhood had a drug smuggling partnership with the Mexican Mafia, prosecutors said
They say two Aryan Brotherhood associates killed the 71-year-old Pinell days after he was moved in 2015 to a Sacramento-area prison.
Pinell, nicknamed “Yogi Bear,” became infamous as one of the San Quentin 6, helping to slit the throat of prison guards during a failed 1971 escape attempt that left six dead.
His slaying four years ago triggered a riot that sent 11 prisoners to hospitals with stab wounds.
Troxell and Pinell long denied being gang members. It wasn’t immediately clear if any defendants had legal representation for the counts unveiled Thursday.
The charges also allege that cellmates Ronald “Renegade” Yandell and William Sylvester used smuggled cellphones to direct heroin and methamphetamine trafficking operations in California.