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Dental records confirm discovered remains belong to brothers Nick and Justin Diemel from Wisconsin, both ‘shot dead by a Missouri farmer who owed them $250,000’ and set on fire inside 55-gallon metal barrels – Missouri police

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Using dental records, Missouri police confirmed identities of bodies found in the search for two brothers who went missing in summer 
Nick Diemel, 35, and his brother Justin, 24, were in Missouri on business involving cattle when they vanished on July 21, it was later determined they were shot dead on the trip 
A rancher in Nebraska found Justin’s remains in a trailer he recently bought
Nick’s remains were found on a farm in Caldwell County, Missouri – where they had gone to transact the deal
The farm is run by 25-year-old Garland “Joey” Nelson of Braymer, Missouri, who has been charged with murder
The brothers visited Nelson to collect on a $250,000 debt, instead Nelson allegedly shot brothers dead and then burned corpses with diesel fuel 
The brothers never boarded their flight home  after traveling on business to a farm in Braymar, Missouri
The truck the brothers had rented was found, abandoned in a commuter lot in Holt with the keys still in the ignition, engine running and lights on
Nelson who served two years in prison for selling more than 600 head of cattle that he didn’t own, admitted that he tampered with the truck the brothers rented on their trip
Nelson faces two counts of first-degree murder, with two counts of abandonment of a corpse and tampering with evidence
Nelson who is facing a possible sentence of life imprisonment or the death penalty, if convicted, has yet to enter a plea
Nick Diemel with his wife, Lisa Diemel [left], Justin Diemel with girlfriend Taylor Moeller [right] 1Authorities confirmed this week that two bodies found in two locations in Nebraska and Missouri belong to brothers Nick Diemel seen with his wife Lisa Diemel [left],and  Justin Diemel seen right with girlfriend Taylor Moeller. The Diemel brothers who live in Wisconsin vanished during a business trip to Missouri in July
Police in Missouri have confirmed that the human remains found in two separate locations last week belong to two brothers from  Shawano County, Wisconsin, who were on a trip related to their cattle business when they disappeared in July after visiting Nelson. missing brothers who were shot dead in Missouri earlier this year.

Nick Diemel, 35, and his brother Justin, 24, were reported missing in July and a 25-year-old Missouri farmer operator is accused of their murder.
Nick Diemel’s remains were found on a farm in Caldwell County, Missouri, while his brother Justin’s remains were discovered by a rancher in a livestock trailer in Lincoln County, Nebraska.
The rancher had just bought the trailer through an online ad from a seller in Missouri, according to investigators in Nebraska.
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The farm belonged to the suspect, Garland Nelson, 25, of Braymer, Missouri, who is accused of fatally shooting the two brothers before burning their bodies and dumping them in a manure pile.
The Caldwell County, Missouri, Sheriff’s Office said on Friday that it confirmed the identity of the brothers through the use of dental records, WDAF-TV reported.
After Justin’s remains were found in Hershey, Nebraska, Nick’s wife, Lisa Diemel, posted an angry message on Facebook slamming Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer for revealing certain details about the discovery to the media on Monday that were unbeknownst to the family.

Lisa Djiemel posts 1Lisa Diemel wrote that the sheriff ‘failed in protecting the integrity of Justin’s case.’

Lisa Diemel, Nick Diemel’s wife, was angered by the Lincoln County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s Office announcement on Monday that it found Justin’s remains and alerted the press before notifying the family.

‘Hopefully the minutes of fame you received by the news media yesterday with your interview was worth it … Please pray for (the family) as no loved one should ever have to find out specific gruesome details of body parts on the 4 o’clock news,’ she wrote.
Nelson, 25, of Braymer, Missouri, is accused of fatally shooting the two brothers before burning their bodies with diesel fuel inside two large, 55-gallon metal barrels.
The brothers, owners of Diemel’s Livestock in Navarino, Wisconsin, visited Nelson at his Missouri farm to collect on a $250,000 debt, according to the brothers’ father, Jack Diemel.
The father reported his sons missing on July 21 after they failed to show up for a flight home to Milwaukee and did not answer their phones.
According to a probable cause statement, Nelson shot the brothers, put their bodies in 55-gallon metal barrels and used a skid loader to move them one at a time from a barn to a pasture.
There, he allegedly burned them using diesel fuel and an unknown liquid and allegedly hid the barrels elsewhere in his property.
Nelson faces two counts of first-degree murder and is also charged with two counts of abandonment of a corpse and with evidence tampering.

He is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.
Nelson also faces several charges related to his alleged attempts to cover up the crimes.
They include two counts of abandonment of a corpse, two counts of tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution, two counts of armed criminal action, one count of first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.
Nelson was on federal probation after serving time in prison. He was tried in federal court in 2016 for financial crimes related to the selling of cattle.
Nelson is reported to have confessed to police that he owns a firearm. It is illegal for anyone convicted of a crime to possess a gun.

When deputies arrived, they found a large plastic animal supplement tub full of dirt. The rancher said he found the tub in the large stock trailer he just purchased.
He took the tub out of the trailer to spread the dirt in his driveway and saw what he believed was human remains and other items in the tub.
‘Upon examination, deputies confirmed the remains were definitely human and noticed personal items in the tub,’ the sheriff’s office in North Platte, Nebraska, said in a press release.
After Missouri authorities ‘confirmed the remains could belong to the homicide victims,’
detectives flew to Nebraska to collect the remains.

Farm in Braymer, Missouri where missing Deimel brothers did business 2The search for the brothers  led to the discovery of human remains on this Farm in Braymer, Missouri where the missing Deimel brothers did business. The farm is operated by Garland Nelson

The Diemels, from Shawano County, Wisconsin, were on a trip related to their cattle business when they disappeared in July after visiting Nelson.
The Diemels traveled to Caldwell County to get payment of $250,000 from Nelson for the sale of cattle. – The suspect admitted to investigators that he was paid to feed and sell cattle for the Diemels.
Court documents say that Nelson intentionally killed the brothers with a .30-30 rifle on his farm near Braymer. A neighbor reported hearing multiple gunshots coming from Nelson’s property on the day the brothers were reported missing.
The Diemels’ rented truck was abandoned at a commuter lot near Holt, Missouri. Nelson admitted to taking the brothers’ cell phones and throwing them away along the roadway.
According to court documents, the bodies were initially placed inside a 55-gallon metal barrels in a pole barn on Nelson’s property.
He then moved the barrels with a skid loader bucket to a pasture nearby, where he set the remains on fire with diesel fuel.
After the bodies were burned, Nelson hid the remains in a manure pile, before he tried getting rid of the barrels by crushing them.
Further evidence came in the form of a blood stain found on Nelson’s clothing that DNA testing has confirmed to be from Nicholas Diemel. That same piece of clothing contained a spent .30-30 caliber cartridge.

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