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Girlfriend of Jennifer Dulos’ ex-husband admits she lied about his alibi as police reveal the missing mom’s DNA was found in truck which Fotis Dulos washed then told his employee to sell days after ‘lying in wait’ at his estranged wife’s house

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Fotis Dulos’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis is no longer his alibi, admits she lied and said he gave her ‘alibi scripts’ 
Jennifer Dulos vanished on May 24 amid a custody battle over the couple’s children, her husband denied responsibility, but his  girlfriend now admits she lied about his alibi
New warrant shows what cops believe happened the day Jennifer went missing 
Police reveal the missing mom’s DNA was found in truck which her husband washed then told his employee to sell days after ‘lying in wait’ at his estranged wife’s house
Fotis Dulos, 52, was arrested at his home in Farmington for the second time on Wednesday and is facing an additional tampering with evidence charge
They say Fotis ‘lay in wait’ for his wife before a serious assault in her garage, as footage shows his employee’s Toyota which he’d borrowed, near her home
Jennifer’s car is then seen leaving her rental home with Dulos ‘operating the vehicle carrying her body and a number of other items associated with the clean-up’, police say  
The owner of the Toyota said Dulos repeatedly told him to change the seats and police say he took the car to be cleaned five days after Jennifer went missing
Fotis’ girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, not only  told police she could not provide an alibi, she  told officers ‘the body of Jennifer at some point was in [the car]’
Fotis Dulos and Jennifer Dulos 1.JPGEmerging facts aid cops piecing what happened the day Jennifer [right] went missing. A new warrant was issued for her estranged husband Fotis Dulos, [left] who was arrested at his home in Farmington for the second time on Wednesday. He is facing an additional tampering with evidence charge. 

The woman charged alongside her boyfriend in the case of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos has been rearrested on fresh charges, according to reports.
Michelle Troconis turned herself in on Thursday to state troopers in Bridgeport, the Stamford Advocate reports.  She was released around 3 p.m. after posting bond.
Troconis is expected to face an additional charge of tampering with evidence in connection with Dulos’ disappearance, a day after Fotis Dulos, Jennifer’s estranged husband, was rearrested on the same charge of evidence tampering

Jennifer was last seen May 24 after dropping her five kids off at school.
Dulos Fotis and his current girlfriend Michelle Troconis were arrested in June on charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. They have pleaded not guilty and were freed on $500,000 bail.
Explosive new details emerged on Wednesday in the case of the missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos after her ex-husband was arrested for the second time in connection with her disappearance including how his socialite lover lied about his alibi and how he allegedly tried to cover up his crime by cleaning the employee’s truck he used to ‘transport her body’.
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Police have still not found Jennifer or her body and they do not have enough evidence to charge Dulos with hurting or killing her.
Instead, they have charged him with tampering with evidence after finding surveillance footage which purportedly shows him dumping trash bags filled with bloody clothes and license plates in storm drains on the night of Jennifer’s disappearance while his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was in the car.
The new arrest warrant is laden with new details.

Michelle Troconis 5.jpgMichelle Troconis turned herself in on Thursday to state troopers in Bridgeport and recanted the alibi she previously provided for her boyfriend

Michelle Troconis admits she lied to investigators providing alibi for Fotis Dulos

In her third interview with cops, Troconis admitted lying about Fotis’ alibi and said she does not know where he was between 6.40am and 1.30pm the day Jennifer vanished 

Fotis switched out the backseats of the Toyota Tacoma truck he borrowed from an employee on the day of the disappearance with seats from Jennifer’s Porsche

Five days after she vanished, he took the truck without its owner’s knowledge or permission to a car wash to be cleaned and re-detailed

He told the employee to get rid of the original backseats , claiming police might find one of Jennifer’s hairs on it from when he ‘hugged her’ on May 12, weeks before she vanished

A blood stain was found on the backseat which, when tested, matched Jennifer’s DNA 

Jennifer Dulos 5Mother-of-five Jennifer [center], has been locked in a vicious custody battle with her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, for the last two years. In a 2017 divorce filing, she claimed she was ‘afraid’ of him, stating that he would ‘harm’ her

As the new, explosive details emerged on Wednesday, Fotis said as he left jail: ‘It’s an exhausting fight. I love my children. That’s about it.’
He has accused both his girlfriend and the employee, who he dismissed as a ‘handyman’, of lying.
His lawyer Pattis said Wednesday: ‘Apparently, Michelle has changed her tune and a handyman is telling tales to deflect attention from himself.

‘Where’s the murder charge?
‘We wish the state police spent more time looking for Jennifer and less trying to build a case against Fotis.
‘We will plead not guilty to these charges next week in Norwalk.’
State police detail in their arrest warrant how he has done ‘nothing to help this investigation to date’.
Their theory is that he drove to his wife’s rented home in New Canaan and attacked her after ‘lying in wait’ on May 24.

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Explosive new details in the case of missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos reveal how police believe her estranged husband ‘lay in wait for her’ before ‘the crime and clean up’, allegedly getting rid of her body in trash bags after she vanished three months ago.
Fotis Dulos, 52, was arrested at his home in Farmington for the second time on Wednesday afternoon.
He is now facing an additional tampering with evidence charge.
Fotis Dulos ‘lay in wait to attack Jennifer at her home’
Police say Fotis ‘lay in wait’ for Jennifer on the morning of May 24 after the Red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, owned by Gumienny and which Dulos had access to, was pictured parked in New Canaan, close to where Jennifer’s Suburban was found abandoned later that day.
Shortly after 8am, Jennifer is pictured arriving home after dropping her children at school and sometime in the next two hours police say ‘the crime and clean up’ takes

Fotis Dulos in court 7Connecticut based luxury home builder, Fotis Dulos, [photo], was first arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence. He was arraigned at Norwalk Superior Court in Norwalk on June 3

By 8.05am, police say Fotis was ‘lying in wait’ for her at her home. The crime ‘and clean-up’ happened between 8.05am and 10.25am.
At around 10:20am Jennifer’s car is then seen leaving her house but police say he was driving it.
It is unclear where the vehicle he had been in, the Toyota Tacoma, was at this stage.
After the ‘serious assault in the garage’ – which authorities will not explicitly say he committed – he then allegedly drove Jennifer’s car, with her in it.
He is then allegedly picked back up by surveillance cameras at 11.20am, in the Tacoma again, making his way back to Farmington.
He is not thought to have gone home, instead driving to a property which he owned.
He then had lunch with his girlfriend at 1.30.
Dulos ‘told employee whose truck he borrowed to get rid of it after switching out back seats where Jennifer’s DNA was found with some from HER Porsche’
The most explosive claims in the new warrant come from Pawel Gummieny, the employee whose truck Fotis allegedly used.
He told police how on May 24, he was driving one of Fotis’ cars – a Ford Raptor – as he drove to New Canaan for a job.
It was common for him to have his boss’s cars, he said.
His car, the red Toyota Tacoma, was at Dulos’ home in Farmington.
He said that at around 2.30pm, he received a text from Dulos asking when he would be returning to ‘the office’.
He told him around 4.30pm. When he arrived at Dulos’ home, however, he was not there.

Surveillance cameras capture Fotis Dulos movement 5Fotis is shown on May 29 withdrawing $500 cash before visiting a car wash to clean his employee’s car

He then found Dulos, Troconis and his truck at a different property where they appeared to be ‘cleaning’.
Dulos asked him to help him shuttle some other vehicles there back to his home. By the time he got back to the property where his Tacoma was, Troconis had vanished with the keys, he said.

Dulos, he says, then urged him to keep his Raptor for several more days but he declined, saying he wanted the Tacoma back.
He took the vehicle back but, five days later on May 29, was surprised to learn that Dulos and Troconis had taken it to be washed without his knowledge.
Over the course of the following days, he continued to urge him to remove the swats and replace them. He described Dulos as insistet and ‘pushy’, sometimes to the point of Dulos growing angry that he had not yet changed out the seats.
In future conversations, Dulos, he said, referred to the seats as hardware.

By May 31, when police first encountered him at Dulos’ home, he had switched out the backseat of his car with seats from Jennifer’s Porsche.
When interviewed, Gumienny said that Dulos instructed him to do it and that he also instructed him to get rid of them so that they would not be found.
Suspicious, Gumienny said he decided to keep them.
Gumienny told police that when he asked Dulos why he was so adamant about changing or getting rid of the truck, Dulos provided a story that on May 12, Mother’s Day, he hugged Jennifer during a visit to her home.
He said that because she had been missing for days and no suspects were named, he was worried police might find a ‘hair’ in the backseat and try to link him to her disappearance.
Gumienny kept the seats that had been in the Tacoma on May 24 and told police they could search and test them.
It was there police say they found a ‘bloodlike substance’ containing Jennifer’s DNA, despite Fotis’ alleged attempts at cleaning the car as seen in surveillance video from Russell Speeders Car Wash.

Michelle Troconis 6Dulos’ girlfriend is no longer his alibi, admits she lied and said he gave her ‘alibi scripts’ 

The arrest warrant also sheds light on how Troconis has now admitted she had originally lied to police and could not provide an alibi for her boyfriend on the morning Jennifer went missing.
She is also said to have told police that Dulos told her he was cleaning spilt coffee in the Toyota Tacoma but Troconis said it did not smell like the drink.
When pressed on why she thought he was cleaning the car she is said to have told police: ‘Well obviously… all the evidence says because… you showed me the picture of the blood in the door it’s because the body of Jennifer at some point was in there.’ The warrant adds she ‘provided substantial amount of information which was self-contradictory and did not bear up under the scrutiny of the investigation’ when interviewed on June 2.
And in notes dubbed the ‘Alibi scripts’ by police the couple are said to have come up with pages of handwritten false covers.
Among the alleged lies written on them was that they had showered together that morning.
 ‘Well obviously, all of the evidence says because… you showed me the picture of the blood in the door, it’s because the body of Jennifer at some point was in there.’
Michelle Troconis told police Dulos told her to tell them that.
On August 13, Troconis admitted during her previous two interviews ‘she had not been truthful’.
She confirmed she did not physically see Dulos upon her waking on the morning of May 24 until after noon.
She said she was ‘mistaken’ when she reported that they’d been in the shower together.
The next time she saw him was at 1.30pm when he came home for lunch.
That afternoon, they went to the 80 Mountain Spring Road property. She said that she witnessed him cleaning what he claimed was spilled coffee.
He handed her a stained towel which he’d been using and put it in a plastic garbage bag.
When questioned, she said she could not remember the color of the stain but said it did not smell like coffee.
When asked why he would be washing the car, she said: ‘Well obviously, all of the evidence says because… you showed me the picture of the blood in the door, it’s because the body of Jennifer at some point was in there.’

Police had already stated a man and woman who matched the description of Dulos and Troconis were seen in a Ford pickup truck that was dumping items ‘at over thirty locations’ on a four mile stretch near Hartford on the day of Jennifer’s disappearance.
The recovered items were license plates registered to Dulos, bloody clothing and blood-stained kitchen sponges, which were later confirmed to be a match to Jennifer’s, according to the arrest warrant.
An earlier warrant also revealed that blood stains were found in Jennifer’s garage and there was an attempt to clean up the crime scene at her home in New Canaan.

Dulos’ lawyer, Norm Pattis on Wednesday evening: ‘They have thrown the kitchen sink at Mr. Dulos. All this and still no charge of murder. I guess the state has its own doubts about its case. We deny involvement and we look forward to questioning a lying lover and a handyman with something to hide.’
Jennifer’s blood was found mixed with Fotis Dulos’ DNA on the kitchen sink faucet of her home in New Canaan, according to authorities.
Police and prosecutors have also said there was evidence of cleanup attempts at the home.

Dulos’ attorney Norm Pattis has previously argued that Jennifer may have staged her disappearance to raise suspicions about her estranged husband as they battled each other in divorce proceedings and for custody of their five children.
Pattis has already unsuccessfully tried to obtain Jennifer’s medical records earlier this month after arguing that they could show if she had a serious illness and wanted to prevent Fotis from getting custody of their children.
The attorney has also has suggested that Jennifer may have faked her disappearance in a plot similar to Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel Gone Girl in which a wife pretends to vanish to frame her husband for murder.

Jennifer’s family slammed those comments as ‘false and irresponsible’.
The mother-of-five, who hasn’t been seen since May 24, disappeared after dropping the couple’s children off at school.
The children range in age from 8 to 13 and include two sets of twins.
Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Farber, has been granted temporary guardianship and is seeking sole custody.
Dulos, who has been fighting her for custody, has not seen his children since early June.


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