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White supremacist Jeremy Christian, 38, who fatally stabbed two men who came to the aid of two black female teens he was harassing on a Portland commuter train jailed for life

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Jeremy Christian will spend the rest of his life in prison, a judge in Portland, Oregon, ruled on Wednesday
The 38-year-old white supremacist was convicted of fatally stabbing two men who came to the aid of two black women he was harassing on a Portland commuter train, in May 2017
He received two life sentences for the murders of Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche
Christian was also sentenced to more than 25 years for the attempted murder of Micah Fletcher, as well as, the attack on Demetria Hester
On May 26, 2017, Christian was threatening a pair of female teenagers, both black – Walia Mohamed and Destinee Mangum and – on Portland’s MAX Light Rail commuter train
The main target was of the unprovoked, demented tirade was Mohamed, a Muslim immigrant from Somalia. Mangum was protecting her friend 
The first person to come to the girls’ aid was a white male commuter, Micah Fletcher, who suffered stab wounds to the neck, but survived
Two other white men, 23-year-old Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best, 53, intervened and were fatally stabbed by Christian
 A day before the stabbings, Christian verbally and physically attacked another black woman, Demetria Hester, on another commuter train
On Tuesday, as Hester read her impact statement in court, Christian yelled: ‘I should have killed you, b****!’
The defendant was convicted of the murders in Feb., but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed sentencing

Another young black woman, Zhada Allen, testified that she was on the train that day and was scared for her life.
Some witnesses said Christian in his outburst made a slicing motion across his neck and mentioned decapitating people.
As his tirade continued, Christian grabbed Namkai-Meche’s cellphone as he tried to film and threw it to the ground.
Authorities say Fletcher stood up to intervene and got into a shoving match with Christian, who was taunting the men to ‘do something’ to stop him.
Christian then took out a 4-inch folding knife and stabbed Fletcher and Namkai-Meche, prosecutors said.
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Violent White supremacist is convicted of stabbing to death two men who tried to stop his racist tirade against two black women on rush hour train in Portland Oregon Jurors […]

Authorities say he also stabbed Ricky Best, who was standing nearby.
Jurors in February found Christian guilty of the deaths of Namkai-Meche and Best.
In addition to the two homicide charges, Christian was convicted of attempted murder for stabbing Fletcher and assault and menacing for shouting slurs and hitting a Black woman, Demetria Hester,  with a bottle on another light rail train the day before the stabbings.
The judge sentenced him to more than 25 years for those crimes.

Christian listened to his sentencing via a video feed from a remote room in the courthouse. He had to be removed from the courtroom on Tuesday after he yelled at victim Demetria Hester: ‘I should have killed you, b***h!’
Hester had survived verbal and physical attack the day before Christian killed Namkai-Meche and Best.
‘In my case, the white supremacist got special treatment from the police. He didn’t believe me or the two TriMet supervisors,’ Hester said about a cop who responded to the assault.
‘He refused to detain the assailant and he let him walk away knowing who he was. The officer asked me for my ID and treated me like I was the assailant because of my color.’
Hester then told Christian: ‘When you die and go to hell, I hope you rot.’
That’s when he began yelling violent threats at Hester, ripped off his face mask and shouted: ‘I should’ve killed you, b***h.’
The outburst came about 30 minutes into the 11am session. Hester was the first of 15 people to read impact statements.
Christian was not wearing handcuffs when he violently reacted. He was detained by Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies and removed from the courtroom.
‘His behavior today was especially egregious so he has forfeited his right to be here during sentencing,’ Judge Albrecht said.

Jeremy Christian 8‘Shoot me’  Christian is recorded on the  dashcam telling police when he was about to be taken into custody after the murders
Demetria-Hester 1Christian was also charged with assault and menacing for shouting slurs and throwing a bottle at Demetria Harris [photo] a black woman on another light rail train the day before the May 26, 2017, stabbings 
Jeremy Christian in court 1The defendant’s outburst came about 30 minutes into the 11am session on Tuesday, in reaction to  statements by one of his victims, another Black woman. Demetria Hester was the first of 15 people to read impact statements 
Jeremy Christian 10Christian is seen [L-R], being led out of the courtroom after his outburst. He was not wearing handcuffs on Tuesday when he reacted by ripping off his face mask and yelling abuse at one of his victims 

The judge wanted victim impact statements to continue in his absence.
However attorneys for Fletcher, who survived the train stabbing, and the family of Namkai-Meche, wanted Christian to have to hear statement and to see him while it was read.
According to KATU 2 the judge was looking for a way to get Christian into another courtroom on a live stream.
‘I blame the system for creating and facilitating people like Jeremy,’ Hester had said in her impact statement. ‘The police captured, not killed, a racist white supremacist known to the police.’
Although the verdict was read in February, sentencing was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
As it resumed four months after the convictions, Hester took the opportunity to partially blame systemic racism for Christian being able to attack and kill people despite his hateful actions against her the previous day.
Her statement of black women not being believed echoes what’s being said as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Disturbing moment Portland stabbing suspect begs cops to shoot him

Brad Kula 1During the  Feb. 2020 double murder trial of Jeremy Christian at the Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, witnesses including Sgt. Brad Kula [photo], testified that Christian asked police to shoot him after the stabbings. Jeremy Christian was accused of stabbing Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best to death on a MAX train and seriously injuring Micah Fletcher
 ‘Police murder us all day, everyday… We will fight to dismantle this corrupt system. Our community is being victimized over and over again by the system and we are paying for it financially, physically, mentally and emotionally,’ Hester said. ‘There is no help from the mayor, governor, congress, judge.’

In the days after the stabbing, photos and video surfaced showing that Christian had recently attended – and spoken at – a rally hosted by a far-right group called Patriot Prayer, whose periodic political events were already causing tension in the city.
He was captured on camera making the Nazi salute while wearing an American flag around his neck and holding a baseball bat.
On Facebook, his prolific posts slammed Portland as a place so politically correct that his right to free speech was constantly under assault.
Those beliefs were front and center in the courtroom, too, when Christian told the judge on the first day of trial that he would wear his jail-issued blue uniform instead of a suit because to do otherwise would be like lying.
‘I don’t care how much time I spend in prison,’ he said. ‘All I care about is the public gets to see and hear what happened on the train.’

An expert witness for the defense testified that Fletcher, in particular, escalated the situation by getting within 6 feet of Christian moments before Christian pulled out his knife.
During trial, detective Michelle Michaels read from a transcript of Christian’s comments shortly after he was arrested.
‘There’s no way I can explain what happened,’ he said.
‘Except both of those people would be alive if they´d kept their hands to themselves. Or got off the train or allowed me to have my free speech.’


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