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Veteran Oklahoma police officer, one of two who were shot during a traffic stop on Monday dies as his partner clings to life – The shooter ex-con, David Ware, 32, in custody

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Tulsa police Sgt Craig Johnson, 45, died of his injuries on Tuesday after being shot during a traffic stop Monday morning 
Sgt Craig Johnson was one of two Oklahoma police officers who were shot during a traffic stop in Tulsa on Monday
Johnson’s partner, rookie officer Aurash Zarkeshan remains in serious condition after being shot  in the head and body 
Hours after the shooting, suspect David Anthony Ware, was arrested on murder and weapons charges 
Ware, 32, went  on the run and was arrested following a manhunt that lasted more than seven hours
He faces charges of murder, shooting with intent to kill and firearm possession
Authorities said the two officers encountered Ware early Monday morning and a scuffle ensued
Ware’s vehicle reportedly had expired temporary tags and would be towed
He refused 12 times to exit his vehicle when asked, prompting officers to deploy a Taser gun and pepper spray
Ware an excon, fought through the Taser gun before allegedly pulling a gun from under his seat, firing several rounds at the officers
His allegedly getaway driver Matt Hall, is also in custody and faces a count of being an accessory murder and a related charge
Johnson, a 15-year veteran of the force, leaves behind a wife and two sons  
Authorities said David Ware, 32 (pictured in his mugshot), shot the two officers after an alleged scuffle early Monday morning in TulsaAuthorities said David Anthony Ware, [photo], shot the two officers after an alleged scuffle during a traffic stop early Monday morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A patrol car at the division where the officers worked has been covered in flowers, balloons, American flags and handmade signs as a tribute.
Johnson and rookie officer Aurash Zarkeshan were shot at about 3.30am on Monday during a traffic stop.
The suspected gunman, 32-year-old David Anthony Ware, went  on the run and was arrested following a manhunt that lasted more than seven hours.
According to a previous press conference, Zarkeshan pulled Ware over as he drove a 2007 Chevy Cobalt near 8900 E. 21st street.
It was discovered that the vehicle had expired temporary tags, prompting Zarkeshan and Johnson, who arrived on the scene as backup, to inform Ware that the car would be towed.
Ware reportedly argued that the officers were ‘violating his rights’ and refused to exit the vehicle at their request.
A standoff lasted several minutes and involved officers asking Ware to vacate the vehicle a total of 12 times.

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