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Easter Sunday shooting among teens in crowded Alabama park leaves one woman dead, five injured, including four juveniles, as over 1,000 holiday makers flee in panic

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One person dead, five others suffer gunshot injuries after Easter night shooting in crowded Birmingham park

Shooting broke out at 7pm at Patton Park, Birmingham, on Easter Sunday

Shots were fired in different directions as up to 1,000 people fled in panic

A Two woman were shot sitting on the hood of a car
One was shot in the chest, the other in the head and was pronounced dead in the backseat of her car shortly after

Police identified the slain woman as innocent bystander Areyelle Yarbrough, 32

The injured victims are ages 21, 17, 16, 15 and 4

Described as an innocent bystander, 32-year-old Areyelle Meishaun Yarbrough [photo] was declared dead beside her car after Easter night’s shooting in a crowded Birmingham park. She had been shot in the head

A shooting in Birmingham on Easter Sunday left a 32-year-old woman dead and at least five others injured by gunfire, including four juveniles.
The shooting happened at W.C. Patton Park at 7 p.m., according to authorities. Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service transported three of the victims and two others arrived at hospitals by private vehicles. Initially fire officials said two of the injured were in serious condition and one critical. Birmingham police Sgt. Rod Mauldin later said all of the surviving victims are stable for now.
Police identified the slain woman as innocent bystander Areyelle Yarbrough. The wounded victims are ages 21, 17, 16, 15 and 4.
Yarbrough was reportedly shot in the head. She was pronounced dead on the scene at 7:33 p.m.
The 16-year-old boy who was shot in the right hip. Another female victim was shot in the chest.
Two of the victims were transported to hospital in a serious condition while a third suffered life-threatening injuries. 
Birmingham police said an altercation among a group of men had led to the deadly shootout in a park crowded with at least 1,000 people, at the time of the gunfight. 

Police respond and scure the crime scene after gunfire erupted inside Birmingham’s busy WC Patton Park Easter Sunday, leaving at least one person dead and at least five injured

An eyewitness said there were roughly 1,000 people in the park celebrating Easter, many grilling and eating with their families. She said two women were sitting on top of a blue Dodge Charger when someone opened fire, striking the Charger and the two women.
The witness said one of those women is the person who authorities say was shot in the chest; the witness said the other is the deceased victim later identifiied as 32-year-old Areyelle Meishaun Yarbrough. She was pronounced dead on the ground just outside of the backseat of the vehicle .
The witness said one person opened fire, and then multiple people started shooting in different directions. She saw people running and leaving, so police and ambulances were having trouble getting in. “They didn’t even know what they were shooting at,” she said, estimating that about 100 shots were fired.
Birmingham Police Sgt. Rod Mauldin said there are no suspects in custody yet.
Appealing for information, he said: ‘This park was full of people, full of families and we know people saw things today.’
‘We need people to come forward with any information you have concerning this incident. No matter how big or small you think it is, its valuable to us tonight. We need descriptions. We need names.’   
Patton Park has long been a gathering place on Sundays. While there has been trouble in the past from the crowds, police said there have not been any problems there in quite some time. “But today is a major problem,’’ Mauldin said.
“We have to stand up for our communities when things like this happen,’’ he said. “This was a park full of people and there were several children in the park tonight.”
Mauldin said such violence is frustrating for the community. “People want to come out to our parks and have a good time, enjoy their families,’’ he said. “These suspects chose to put everybody in danger,” Mauldin said.

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