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MMA fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr, 28, charged with murder after stabbing ex-girlfriend 17 times, stuffing body a bin, hiding it in his closet, after he ambushed her outside her parents’ home

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Former MMA fighter accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend 17 times, then hiding the body in his closet, is charged with murder

Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28, of Nashville, Tennessee is accused of stabbing his former partner Irene Torres on Jan 28

He reportedly, ambushing Irene Torres, 24, outside her parents home in Old Hickory, TN as she returned from work

He allegedly launched a frenzied attack stabbing her more than 17 times, before stuffing the lifeless body into his trunk and driving off

Victim’s dad who saw footage of the suspect dragging his daughter away confronted Herelle who allegedly admitted to the murder

Investigators found her body stuffed in a bag in a closet inside his home 

Former MMA fighter, kickboxer Dwayne Herelle Jr., [photo], is accused of stabbing his ex, co-worker Irene Torres, in a stabbing frenzy after ambushing her out her home in Nashville on January 28

A former Mixed Martial Arts fighter and kickboxer has been charged in Tennessee with murder, after he allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend and hiding her body in his closet.
Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28, is accused of stabbing co-worker and former partner Irene Torres, 24, more than 17 times outside the home she shared with her parents in Old Hickory, Nashville, on January 28.
The pair allegedly, had been embroiled in a bitter argument the day earlier. Investigators said Herelle laid in waiting for Torres, to return home from her shift at the bar where they worked together to conclude the acrimonious split on his own terms.

Irene Torres and Dwayne Herelle Jr. [photo], ended an acrimonious and abusive relationship a month before the murder. The former MMA fighter allegedly, has admitted to the murder

After killing Torres in a frenzy of stabbing, Herelle allegedly stuffed her lifeless body into the trunk of his car and drove to his apartment in Bellevue, where he forced her corpse into a storage bin before hiding it in his closet.
He later disposed of Torres’ blood-soaked clothes and purse in a nearby dumpster, detectives said.

Herelle appeared in a packed Tennessee courtroom on February 15, where Metro Nashville Police Dept showed home surveillance footage of the attack to the judge and defense 

In a packed Tennessee courtroom on February 15, Metro Nashville Police Department Detective Derry Baltimore showed home surveillance footage of the attack to the judge and defense. 
Several attendees of the hearing were co-workers of both the suspect and victim and some could not hold back tears as they listened to Det. Baltimore’s description of the stabbing. 

Herelle, a former kickboxer and MMA fighter, allegedly confessed to the murder

‘They got into an argument and he begins stabbing her and after stabbing her he put her in the trunk of his car,’ Baltimore said.
Baltimore describing discovering her body said: “We went to the closet area, and I could see the victim inside of a clear tote, looked like she was wrapped in some type of comforter.”
Baltimore said he was present for Torres’ autopsy where defense wounds were present on her body.
‘I was told while I was standing there with the doctor that she was stabbed in excess of 17 times,’ Baltimore recalled.
When Torres’ parents realized she had not returned home after her shift, they checked their security camera footage which appeared to show their daughter being dragged out of sight by a man believed to be Herelle.
The pair had split up a month prior and Torres’ father, suspecting Herelle was involved, drove to the man’s house to confront him.
Police said Herelle initially told him that his daughter was staying at a hotel, before allegedly confessing to the murder.
Torres’ older sister Reyna Douglas wrote on a GoFundMe page set up for the victim’s funeral costs that Herelle conducted a calculated attack.
‘In the early hours of January 29, 2023, Irene’s ex-boyfriend, Dwayne, was hiding and waiting for her to get home from work. When Irene arrived home, her ex-boyfriend stealthy approached from behind and ambushed her. 
‘She was dragged and stabbed repeatedly in front of her parent’s home. Dwayne then took Irene’s lifeless body and transported her across the county and dumped her in a plastic bin in his closet,’ Douglas said, adding their relationship was abusive.

The victim’s sister Herelle [photo], ‘dragged and stabbed [Irene], repeatedly in front of her parent’s home…. then took [her] lifeless body and transported her across the county and dumped her in a plastic bin in his closet,’ Torres’, alleging their relationship was abusive

‘Irene had suffered months of physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Dwayne.
‘On December 29, 2022, she made the brave decision to escape while Dwayne was working and she returned to her parents’ home in the middle of the night terrified and exhausted. 
‘For those that were fortunate to know Irene, despite being terrorized, abused, and living in fear, she always had a smile on her face and a compliment to give. Her generosity will always be remembered,’ Douglas’ tribute to her sister read.
The case was bound over and Herelle will appear before a Grand Jury at a later unspecified date. 

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