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US woman attacked by American sex fiend in Germany, killing one when they were thrown down ‘Cinderella’ castle ravine, identified as friends, 21 and 22, on European trip after graduating in Computer engineering last month

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Woman killed when she was thrown down ‘Cinderella’ castle ravine in Bavaria, Germany, is identified as Illinois graduate, 21, on European trip with college friend, who miraculously survived the 165ft fall

Eva Liu, a recent graduate of computer science was identified as the American woman killed Wednesday in Germany by a sex fiend

Liu, 21 and her friend Kelsey Chang, 22, both from Illinois, and attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign were on an European vacation in Germany after both graduated in May

Chang was choked and thrown down the ravine by the suspect when she intervened as the suspect launched a sexual attack on Liu

Chang survived the fall when a fallen tree arrested her plunge and has made statements to police, she’s expected to be discharged from hospital Friday

American man, 30, was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder of two women yesterday after allegedly attacking the two women on the the Marienbrucke bridge, killing one

Eva Liu,[photo], from Naperville, Illinois, was killed when she was thrown down a ravine by a sex deviant at the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle, 50 miles from Munich, in Bavaria, Germany on Wednesday

A US tourist who was thrown to her death at Germany’s Cinderella castle has been identified as a recent university graduate from Illinois.
Eva Liu, 21, from Naperville, Illinois, died after plunging 165ft down a ravine during a day trip to the famous Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.
Liu as well as her friend and traveling companion, Kelsey Chang, had both graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign last month. Chang, 22, miraculously survived the alleged attack by a 30 year-old man, also a US tourist. It is believed a fallen tree stopped her from plunging all the way into the ravine. Chang who suffered only bruises and a laceration, has been able to make a statement to police.
She is expected to be released from hospital Friday. 

Liu’s friend and traveling companion Kelsey Chang, [photo], from Bloomington, Illinois, a computer engineering graduate miraculously survived the 165ft fall down the ravine with only minor injuries

A statement issued by UIUC confirmed the two women recently graduated with computer science and computer engineering degrees.
She said in a statement : ’Our University of Illinois family is mourning the senseless death of Ms. Liu and the attack on Ms Chang,’ said the school’s Associate Chancellor Robin Kaler, describing the death of Liu as ‘senseless’. .
‘Both had just graduated in May and should have been able to celebrate such an important accomplishment without the fear of such a tragic outcome.’

Eva Liu, 21, photo graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign last month and was on a trip with a fellow graduate, was killed in the fall in Bavaria, Germany, on Wednesday

Kesley Chang, 22, completed an internship at Microsoft last summer and was due to start work at the software giant, she said on social media, she survived the fall, courtesy of a fallen tree which broke her fall. She’s made statements to police

Kaler revealed that Liu was awarded a BS in Computer Science while Chang graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering, in May 2023.
According to the police report, the assailant attacked Liu and when Chang intervened the sex fiend choked her, then pushed her down the slope.The attacker then attempted a sexual offense on the 21 year old before pushing her over. 
Chang, who is from Bloomington, Illinois,  was saved from almost certain death by a fallen tree, new footage of her rescue appears to show.

Suspect who pushed two female US tourists 165ft down a ravine in Bavaria, Germany, on Wednesday, is led away in handcuffs by German police

A video clip of the recovery operation shows German mountain rescuers being lowered down from a helicopter to where the two women landed next to each other, half-way down the steep cliff. 
The women were airlifted to hospital, where Liu was pronounced dead. Chang survived with relatively minor injuries, apparently spared more serious injuries by a fallen tree that broke her fall halfway down the rocky ravine.
The two women like their attacker, happened to have been staying at the same budget Seibel Hotel in the center of the Bavarian capital, Munich, around 50 miles away from the castle. They did not know the suspect but had joined other tourists for the 50 mile coach ride a same day trip excursion to the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle – said to have inspired Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ castle.
The alleged assailant has been held on charges of murder, attempted murder and one sexual offense. He was seen being led away from the scene in handcuffs with video taken by another tourist showing scratches on his face. 
Police said he has ‘had his say in court’ after refusing to speak to investigators.

The two women met the suspect, a 30-year-old man, also an American tourist, near the Marienbrucke bridge [photo], a narrow footbridge that at its highest point crosses the gorge at 300 feet. He lured them off the marked sightseeing trail before striking

All three of the US visitors who had been staying at the Budget Seibel Hotel in the center of Bavaria’s capital city Munich, [photo], before traveling to 50 miles by coach to the castle located in Neuschwanstein with other tourists

The two women met the man near the Marienbrucke bridge, a narrow footbridge that at its highest point crosses 300ft above a gorge – with a stream and waterfall underneath – and offers stunning views of the castle.
Police said the man allegedly persuaded them to follow him down a secluded trail that led to a good lookout point, where he ‘physically attacked’ the 21-year-old.
When her friend tried to intervene, he allegedly choked her and pushed her down a steep slope. Police believe ‘an attempted sexual offense’ was then committed against the 21-year-old, before she was also pushed down the slope.
The suspect fled the scene was caught after a massive manhunt involving 25 emergency vehicles. He was held in custody at a police station in nearby town of Fuessen.
A witness video posted online showed a man in a T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap being led away in handcuffs by police, while another clip showed one of the victims being airlifted out of the ravine by a mountain rescue helicopter. 

    German mountain police and EMS personnel rappelled down the ravine then evacuated the victims by helicopter on Wednesday

    A Bavarian police spokesperson said they were in the process of verifying the suspect’s identity from US officials. 
    ‘The suspect didn’t make any comments to police but in his hearing in court yesterday he did have his say in regards to remaining in custody. We don’t want to say exactly what he said, however,’ cops said.
    A judge in nearby Kempten on Thursday ordered the suspect be held pending a potential indictment and he was taken to jail. 
    Meanwhile, police are searching for video footage of the incident. As of 8am this morning, they said they had received a dozen submissions from visitors and that investigators would being scouring through it today for any new information.

      A US man hurled two female American tourists 165ft down a ravine near a world famous German castle, killing one, after he sexually assaulted her and her companion who tried to fight him off, 

      Witness posted video showing the yet unnamed suspect being led away in handcuffs by cops. He’d fled the scene, but was caught after a massive manhunt and detained on murder, attempted murder and sexual assault

      Criminal police have taken over the investigation into attempted murder and murder, as well as a sexual offense, with the current focus on reconstructing exactly how the incident took place, police said. 
      Police have created a tip line for witnesses to submit other footage or leads and until this morning, they received a dozen submissions, according to the police source.
      ‘The suspect was of course interviewed and he didn’t tell anything to the police, but in front of the judge he then did but in terms of the content,’ that awaits confirmation from US sources said police spokesperson Holger Stabik, adding that investigatore had received a dozen photos and video from other sightseers. Up to 6,000 people a day visit the castle.

      German mountain police and medical service personnel rescue two American women thrown into ravine by a US man at a tourist spot in Bavaria on Wednesday

      He said the investigation could take several weeks or months and the suspect can be held for up to six months before the suspect must be charged or released.
      ‘What is missing now and what’s going to happen within the next few weeks and months is that we are going to collect together all the stuff that we have, the evidence, and evaluate it forensically. 
      ‘And this is going to take some time.’

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