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CHAN 2016: Congo President Rewards Players For their Hard work of Soccer

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Congo President presents each member of  winning squad with brand new SUV

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila presented the country’s African Nations Championship winners with a fleet of Toyota Prado SUVs on Tuesday.
DR Congo became the first country to win the CHAN twice with the first one being in 2009.

PMB …ehm ehm are you there? 

These players will feel appreciated for representing their country well.

Not to gripe here, but your children who represented Nigeria, took on the World and won in the Under 17 world championship were rewarded with a paltry $80. Different age groups you might say, but same objectives when it comes to effort and incentives
I believe there is still time to correct this error.

 DR Congo President rewards CHAN winners

  Well done President Kabila. You have done them well.


DR Congo defeated Mali 3-0 in Sunday’s final in Kigali, Rwanda. 

The players and officials were decorated with “Sporting Merit” medals at a reception at the presidential palace.

“May this trophy serve to forge peace and stability in our country,” said Kabila at a time of fragile political stability.

 Congo celeb African Nations Champs 160207



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