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Kanye West and Bill Cosby Photo: Getty Images

First the shading of Khalifa, son and Amber, now Kanye West is at it again,  causing drama online. He declared comedian Bill Cosby innocent of his on going sex assault drama, starting a twitter firestorm

A case of posturing to attract attention to his new album launch gone too far? You be the judge

The rapper declared “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” via Twitter on Tuesday night.

“Kanye please don’t do this,” one fan pleaded with him.
Another fan responded,  “it is getting progressively harder to continue loving you like I do when you are continually so dense.”

A number of fans even called for West to deactivate his Twitter account.

Bill Cosby is embroiled in multiple lawsuits against women who claim the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them. Most recently, a judge ruled that one sexual assault case will move forward and could land him in prison for 10 years.

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