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8-Year-Old holds up Grocery Store, after Stealing Mom’s Gun

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... heard of catching ’em young?
This intrepid 8 year old wanna be thug attempts to hold up a store, but had not quite worked out how to execute the heist before he was disarmed by the would be victims


 On Wednesday in West Palm Beach, Florida the attempted robbery was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras.
The boy is seen walking into the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes.
He walked down an aisle, then to a checkout register.
According to the store employees, the boy pointed the gun and said, “Give me the money.”
They didn’t know if the gun was real or fake, and  wanted to make sure it didn’t go off, so one of them disarmed him
“As soon as I moved I reached over to him, twisted his wrist, took the gun away,” he said.
In a surveillance video the boy is also seen struggling with a worker as he tried to take him to the office.  before store manager called police.

Apparently the the gun was loaded according to WPBF 25 News,  but there was no bullet in the chamber.
The boy’s mother, Eboni Alls, said he had told her he was going to the park to play and didn’t know anything was wrong until it was time for her to pick up her other son.
“When I grabbed my purse, I’m like, it was so light. I’m like, I knew I was missing something. I said, ‘Where’s my gun?'”
The boy cannot visit the grocery store and has been released from home detention. Additionally, he will have to enter a diversion program.

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