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Ex- Bank chief ‘is filmed snorting lines as he entertains four naked rent boys at hot-tub party in his back garden’

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Paul Flowers drug investigation

Photo: Sunday Mirror
Disgraced former bank boss Paul Flowers was filmed snorting lines


Paul Flowers, shamed ex Co-op boss ‘back on drugs,’ caught on film buying drugs – on a four day bender

‘Crystal Methodist Minister’ reverend Paul Flowers was filmed snorting lines as he ­entertained four naked rent boys at hot-tub party in his back garden

With crisps balanced on his nipples, disgraced ex-Co-op bank chairman Paul Flowers is caught napping during a four-day cocaine and ketamine-fuelled bender.
The drug-loving suspended reverend – nicknamed the Crystal Methodist at the height of the scandal that enveloped him two years ago – was earlier filmed snorting lines as he ­entertained four naked rent boys at a bizarre hot-tub party in his back garden.
The disturbing images, recorded last weekend, reveal Flowers has again fallen prey to his demons.
He is still ­technically a church minister and vowed to change his ways after “life-changing” rehab.
A rent boy who attended the party told how the ex-bank chief, who was in charge of billions of pounds, had sent him invitation texts saying “I have Charlie and Katie”, code for cocaine and the horse tranquilliser ketamine.
The male escort, who we are calling Kris, said: “There were a lot of drugs. He just doesn’t seem to care. He just seems out of control.”


S Paul Flowers drug investigation
Photo: Sunday Mirror
Paul Flowers has been filmed on a four day drug bender

Footage from the party shows Flowers, 65, chopping up white powder on a table while chatting to a group of young men.
He is later snapped topless and fast asleep in an armchair – with two crisps bizarrely balanced on his nipples.
Flowers admitted he had “sinned” after he hit the ­headlines in November 2013.
He was filmed in a car counting out £300 to buy cocaine and crystal meth in a drugs deal, earning him his nickname.
A few days earlier he had appeared before a Treasury Select Committee to answer questions about the collapse of the Co-op’s deal to buy 600 Lloyds branches.He was accused of not even knowing the “very basic” details of the bank’s finances.
Flowers was later arrested on drugs charges. In May 2014 he was fined £525 after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine, crystal meth and ketamine at Leeds Magistrates Court.
Before his appearance he told how he had spent 28 days at a rehab clinic tackling his habit. In court, his drug use was attributed to the stress of caring for his terminally ill mother.
He was said to be remorseful and was continuing to seek professional help.
Flowers was suspended indefinitely by the Methodist Church in the summer of 2014 following his drugs shame.
The church has been unable to resolve his position because he is “too unwell” to attend meetings.
But his pledge to turn his life around is today exposed as a sham by Kris who was first taken by a friend to an earlier party at Flower’s home in Salford, Greater Manchester

S Paul Flowers drug investigation
Paul Flowers has previously been arrested on drugs charges

Kris said: “He was flouncing around speaking really posh. There were about 15 people there and loads of drugs and alcohol. When I arrived he told me, ‘I’ll get you at some point’.
“He was saying things like ‘to good health’ as he snorted something. There were drugs everywhere, ketamine, coke.
“He was talking about how he’d been in the papers in the past. He was paranoid about photos being taken.”
After the party, Flowers went on a month’s holiday to South Africa. But while he was away he texted 22-year-old Kris with a series of crude messages.
And following his return to the UK he invited him back to his house for another party – this time to frolic in a rented hot tub.
Kris said Flowers paid him £200 to go along – but he ended up staying at his house for four days.

A Disgraced former Co-op bank chief Paul Flowers
Photo: Andy Commins/Mirrorpix

Paul Flowers had previously said his drug use was down to the stress of caring for his mother

“I went on the Thursday and stayed until Sunday,” he said.
“There was a big jacuzzi in the garden but he’d covered it with a gazebo so the neighbours couldn’t see in.
“We were all naked in there. I wouldn’t like to be the next people hiring that out after what was going on.
“When he was in the lounge he was getting a few lines ready on a plate. He did them side by side, one of cocaine one of ketamine.
“There were a lot of rent boys, all around their early 20s, and a lot of drugs. People were coming and going all weekend.
“Everyone was getting totally wasted. He was talking about getting a float in the Manchester Pride parade with a load of rent boys on it with him. He was also saying he has a guy who comes to his house to clean it naked.
“He blames the press for everything and whenever the Co-op was mentioned he’d say ‘the b******s. He never spoke about his rehab.”

S Paul Flowers drug investigation
Photo: Sunday Mirror
Paul Flowers new life has been exposed as a sham

In early 2014, Flowers described the storm around his private and ­professional life as “hellish” while revealing he had spent a month in the Priory.
While still chairman of the bank, he said he had come under “considerable pressure” from the Treasury to conclude the Co-op’s agreement to buy the Lloyds branches.
The deal, which would have helped recoup millions in taxpayers money spent bailing out Lloyds, was scrapped when the Co-op’s own financial troubles came to light.
Flowers said: “For me personally, there have been several months when it has been hellish. But during that process I’ve actually been very well supported by a raft of very good friends.
“You certainly find out who your friends are, because a significant number of people in politics and in the Co-op and some in the church have been noticeable by their silence or their absence.”

S Paul Flowers drug investigation  

      Photo: Sunday Mirror

Paul Flowers had drugs and booze at his home in Salford, Kris says

He said he had undergone an addictions treatment programme in rehab. “I found it both cathartic and traumatic,” he said.
“But it actually helped me to look at not so much the superficial issues of the addictions themselves but the more deep-seated reasons why people resort to any sort of addiction.
“For me that was life-changing. I am now much more secure in my own skin, much more self-aware than I was before.”
Flowers was the $189,000 (£132,000)-a-year chairman of the “ethical” Co-op bank from 2010 until June 2013.
He stepped down shortly after the bank was found to have a £1.5billion black hole in its finances. His lifestyle was exposed a few months later.
S Paul Flowers drug investigation        Photo: Sunday Mirror

Kris says Paul paid him £200 to go along to the four day party

At the time, Flowers said: “Many of the things that have come into the public domain actually occurred after I had left office, and people assume that they had occurred before, but they are quite wrong.”
After the allegations of his drug use emerged, the Co-op confirmed it was seeking to recover contractual payments totalling £31,000 made to Flowers amid reports that he was also the subject of an inquiry into “lavish” expense claims.
He resigned as a Labour councillor in Bradford in 2011 after ­“inappropriate but not illegal adult content” was found on his computer.
When Flowers appeared in court on his drugs charge his barrister said he had “lost so much” as a result of events and was not currently working.
He is still receiving a minister’s salary of around £510 a month, although he had access to other assets after ­inheriting his mother’s estate following her death in 2012.

Paul Flowers Photo: Sunday Mirror
Paul Flowers stepped down from his role as chairman of the Co-op bank

Flowers is understood to have paid £180,000 for his three-storey town house with funds from the estate, plus another £20,000 for a conservatory.

When asked if he would like to comment on the party at his house and alleged drug taking, Flowers would only say: “No thank you.”
A Methodist Church spokesman said: “Paul Flowers remains suspended. We regret that our disciplinary procedure has been on hold following advice that he has been too unwell to attend meetings.”
Flowers can still be called Reverend but the disciplinary process could strip him of the title.
The church spokesman added: “We are very disappointed by these new allegations and the disciplinary panel will now review how we progress the matter.
“We are grateful to the Sunday Mirror for bringing this to our attention.”

Courtesy: Sunday Mirror

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