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Rodney Earl Sanders, charged with stabbing death of pair of 68-year-old nuns in Mississipi

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Rodney Earl Sanders (Left), charged with stabbing death of Sister Paula Merrill and Sister Margaret Held, two nuns who worked as nurses and helped the poor in rural Mississippi

Rodney Earl Sanders, charged with stabbing death of two beloved nuns in rural Mississippi

Sanders, 46, of Kosciusko, Mississippi, was charged in the deaths of Sisters Paula Merrill and Margaret Held in a crime that has shocked America

A cop found the bodies, Thursday after the two 68-year-old nurse practitioners didn’t report to work

Authorities yet to release  motive and if Sanders has any connection to the women

Suspect charged with two counts of capital murder

Rodney Earl Sanders1

Convicted robber Rodney Earl Sanders, charged with stabbing death of two nuns

A man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two nuns whose bodies were found in their home in rural Mississippi, authorities said.

Both nuns aged 68, Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, failed to show up for work Thursday at

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a clinic in Lexington, where the two nurse practitioners served one of the state’s poorest counties.
Authorities believe the killer took the victims’ car, a blue Toyota Corolla, which was later found on an abandoned road less than a mile from their home. But nothing was taken from the house, according to a law enforcement official who has been briefed on the investigation. Authorities said the motive for the killings remained unclear, adding that calling it a “robbery would be premature.”
Sister Margaret Held1.JPG
Sister Margaret Held
Nuns Killed
 Sister Paula Merrill
Maureen Smith, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Diocese of Jackson said, Clinic workers called police when the pair didn’t arrive at the clinic. When officers arrived at the home in Durant, they saw evidence of a break-in and found their bodies, she said.

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According to Lt. Colonel Jimmy Jordan, director of MBI, ‘Sanders was developed as a person of interest early on in the investigation,’After an investigation that included the sheriff’s department and the attorney general’s office, “this heinous crime has been resolved,” he said. No additional information was provided
Sanders appears to have been released from prison last December after serving nine months for a felony conviction for driving under the influence, according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections. He also did prison time from the mid 1980s to early 1990s for armed robbery, records show.



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