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Christopher Wayne Edwards, who drugged and raped his teen daughter ‘every day’ and even called her ‘my wife’ jailed for 12 years, only

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Drugged out Emma Burt with her tormentor, dad, Christopher Wayne

12 years for grooming, drugging and raping his ‘wife’ daughter, then keeping mementos for his perverted pleasure?
This super sicko should have been locked away for life

Super pervert Christopher Wayne Edwards, 40, raped his own biological daughter daily, starting when she was 15 and continued for two years until she fled his reach, in their hometown of Powys, Wales

Dope head Edwards, drugged, abused and indecently photographed the teen during the sickening rein of abuse.

Emma Burt, now 19, has spoken out about the horrifying abuse at the hands of her dad Christopher Edwards, before she escaped aged 17

Emma said her dad, who obviously lost touch with reality, used to call her “his wife” while he abused her

Edwards groomed his daughter in the early stages by sending her text messages, later introduced her to cannabis, then got her hooked on cocaine and amphetamines

Edwards pled guilty to one count rape, four counts of sexual activity with a child family member, one count possessing an indecent photograph, three counts taking indecent photographs, one count supplying drugs to a minor child

Jailed for 12 years 

Emma Burt was 15 when she left her mom and moved in with her dad. The abuse started within the first month of her arrival


Edwards pleaded guilty to the offences

A brave teenager, in Wales gave up her anonymity so she can reveal how she was repeatedly drugged and raped by her own dad. The saga of sex slavery, involuntary addiction to hard drugs and indecent photography perpetrated at the hands of her own biological dad, spanned two years.
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Emma Burt, 19, revealed how her biological father Christopher Wayne Edwards, 40, indecently photographed her during the sickening tirade of abuse and even referred to her as his “wife”
Edwards has now been jailed for 12 years for the mind boggling catalog of incestuous sex crimes.
At age 15, Emma went to live with Edwards in December 2012, after a row with her mum. Edwards abused Emma within the first month of her moving. The abuse progressed to a daily routine where Edwards would feed his teenage daughter cannabis until she passed out, before assaulting her.

Emma Burt with her baby1.jpg
Emma Burt with her baby boy

According to Emma, the sick, relentless attacks progressed to the point where  Edwards used to even call her “his wife” before she escaped aged 17. By the time she escaped, Emma was addicted to amphetamines and cocaine that her father supplied her with, and she claims he raped her every single day.
To tell her story, the brave teenager from Powys, Wales, has waived her right to anonymity to speak out after Edwards was jailed for 12 years for rape and four charges of sexual activity with a child family member.
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Christopher Edwards was jailed 12 years for abusing his daughter 

40-year-old Edwards admitted to one charge of possessing an indecent photograph of a child and three charges of taking indecent photographs, and supplying her with drugs.
Now free from drugs , Emma, from Powys, Wales,said: “He was in and out of my life for a number of years but I was 15 when I moved in with him and the abuse started around a month or so in.
“In the first two months of his abusing me, he would never talk about how he raped me.
“He just would sort of wait until I was asleep or close to sleeping, then the drugs came into it from about three months onwards.
“”It got to the point where I was dependent on the drugs. I didn’t have any understanding of what was going on because I was too spaced out.
“Being so reliant on the drugs caused multiple issues when I left, I’ve never told anyone but people started to notice that I was weird or different.”
“He used to jokingly call me his wife. I was practically a wife.”
Mum-of-one, Emma’s said her dad started by sending her countless text messages in the early stages of grooming her.
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In April this year, Mold Crown Court heard how Edwards would first give his daughter cannabis, then introduced her to harder class A and B drugs.
This would then maintain Emma’s stupefied condition in which she was raped and had indecent photographs taken of her.

Emma Burt with her bab3.jpg

 Emma Burt with her baby boy. The mother-of-one Emma bravely waived her anonymity to tell her story

Emma said: “I had this way of coping with the drugs which was like another persona.
“The more drugs I took, the more I could ignore what was going on.”
Her severe mental health issues led Emma to jump off a bridge in December 2014, to “put an end to all of the pain”.
Emma added: “That’s when I thought ‘now I need to say something’.”
She escaped aged 17 after she broke down at a family party and her relatives called the police.

Emma Buert with her dad Christopher Wayne Edwards1.jpg 

Edwards would refer to daughter as his “wife”, which she became in practical terms. Emma with her dad Christopher Wayne Edwards, who has been jailed

Emma Burt with her bab21.jpg
Emma with her baby boy

Emma, who plans to set up her own business, hopes that sharing her story encourages other victims of sexual abuse to come forward.
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Emma said: “That’s what I am hoping by revealing everything he has done – for this to save another girl.
“I could have a daughter, and I want to speak out for a child like her and let her know that she doesn’t need to go through the pain that I did.”
Edwards pleaded guilty to rape, four charges of sexual activity, one charge of possessing an indecent photograph and three charges of taking indecent photographs, and supplying her with drugs. He was ordered to register as a sex offender for life and a sexual harm prevention order was made.
Presiding Judge, Niclas Parry, in passing the sentence admonished the errant father:
“She became utterly reliant upon your drugs.
“You used drugs to facilitate the offences and took the most appalling images of her.”
Defense attorney Myles Wilson, in a plea for a lesser sentence said Edwards’ guilty pleas saved the victim the trauma of giving evidence


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