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Atlanta rapper Carlos ‘Shawty Lo’ Walker killed in alleged hit and run

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Atlanta rapper Carlos Walker,  aka ‘Shawty Lo’, was killed in a fiery car crash early Wednesday morning

D4L member Shawty Lo,  died on the spot when his car hit a guard rail and burst into flames

Carlos Walker, also known as rapper Shawty Lo, died in a fiery car crash in Atlanta early Wednesday. He was a member of the Atlanta rap group D4L, who scored a hit with “Laffy Taffy.”
Walker’s manager confirmed the news, adding it’s likely the 40-year-old performer was a victim of a hit and run. There were two female passengers in Walker’s vehicle at the time of the accident.
However, after initially describing the crash as a hit-and-run, Fulton police spokeswoman Cpl. Maureen Smith said.“it has been confirmed now that it was a single car accident,”
The crash happened about 2:20 a.m, aAccording to police and Walker’s white Audi went over a guardrail, hit two trees and burst into flames. The rapper was ejected from the car and pronounced dead on the scene, Smith said. Two women, also in the car, were injured and taken to Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Back in 2003, Walker was a founding member of the hip-hop group “D4L,” popular for its 2005 hit “Laffy Taffy.”
Walker released his first solo record in 2007, and is famous for a series of hits, including “Dey Know,” “Betcha Can’t Do it Like Me,” and “Foolish.
The rapper, who leaves behind 11 children, is also well known for attempting to create a reality show with Oxygen Network about his off-spring,  almost all of which have different mothers.

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Walker found fame as a founding members of D4L and went on to successful solo career

Walker also made headlines for attempting to put on a 2013 reality show with the Oxygen network based around the lives of his 11 children many ‘Baby Mamas’.
Oxygen Media pulled the plug on “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which was meant to follw the lives of Lo, the 10 women with whom he had his 11 children, as well as his children themselves, around Atlanta.
“All My Babies’ Mamas” got a hostile public reception after Oxygen announced its creation, leading to a petition with thousands of signatures calling for Oxygen to cancel the show even before it aired. Itwas seen as exploitative and promoting stereotypes.
The Parents Television Council lampooned the program’s concept as “grotesquely irresponsible and exploitive”. The council also said it would contact advertisers if it aired.


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