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Todd Kohlhepp, South Carolina serial killer who kept woman hostage for months in container spared the death penalty – Pleads guilty to seven counts of murder

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Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, pled guilty Friday to seven counts of murder, 14 charges total at the Spartanburg County Courthouse, SC, on Friday
South Carolina realtor Kohlhepp, 46, who infamously kept woman hostage for months in a shipping container after murdering her boyfriend was spared the death penalty 
He decades long killings was uncovered in 2016 when cops searching for a missing couple found Kala Brown chained inside a shipping container on his farm property 
Brown, 31, was rescued two months after she went missing from her Spartanburg, South Carolina, home on Aug 31, 2016
Arrested, Kohlhepp admitted to killing Scott Ponder, 30; Beverly Guy, 52; Brian Lucas, 30; Chris Sherbert, 26, in 2003 
He also confessed killing Johnny Joe Coxie, 29, and his 26-year-old wife, Meagan Leigh McCraw-Coxie 
Kala Brown’s boyfriend, Charles Carter, 32, was the last of seven slain victims 
Kohlhepp will serve seven consecutive life sentences for the seven murders plus 60 years
Brown in an interview said Kohlhepp bragged about murdering 100 people, he admitted killing only seven to investigators

Todd Kohlhepp at his sentencing, Friday.pngConvicted serial killer, Todd Kohlhepp at his sentencing, Friday

A South Carolina businessman who admitted killing seven people during a 13 year span while running a successful real estate business pled guilty Friday to seven counts of murder and a number of other charges.
Todd Kohlhepp admitted his role in the deaths of seven people less than seven months after he was arrested when investigators checking on a missing couple rescued a woman chained inside a shipping container on Kohlhepp’s Spartanburg County property.
The woman, Kala Brown, had been raped and locked inside the container for more than two months after Kohlhepp shot and killed her fiancee, authorities said.
Charles David Carter, 32, was the last of the seven murder victims.
Todd Kohlhepp, South Carolina serial killer told woman chained inside metal container that he murdered 100 people

Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp in court Friday4.png46-year-old Todd Kohlhepp [ in regulation uniform], appeared in South Carolina court on Friday and pleaded guilty to seven counts of murder and seven other counts. He was sentenced to serve a life time in prison for each count of murder for a total of seven consecutive life terms plus 60 years on kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges.
Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp in court Friday3.pngKohlhepp, who was arrested last fall, admitted to killing seven people over nearly 13 years
According to the terms of the plea agreement signed by the 46-year-old Kohlhepp, he will serve seven consecutive life terms plus 60 years on kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges. He will not be eligible for parole, and he also agreed not to appeal the sentence.

Kohlhepp admitted Friday that he killed four workers at Superbike Motorsports motorcycle store in Chesnee in 2003 after the manager made him angry.
Missing SC woman, Kala Brown, found ‘chained like a dog’ in storage container. Registered sex offender Todd Kohlhepp arrested, might be a serial killer
The victims were the owner, Scott Ponder, 30; Beverly Guy, 52; Brian Lucas, 30; and Chris Sherbert, 26. Guy was Ponder’s mother and worked as a bookkeeper. Lucas was a service manager, and Sherbert was a mechanic at the shop.
Kohlhepp also admitted guilt in the deaths of a husband and wife who disappeared in December 2015.

kala-brown-and-charlie-carver2Kala Brown, 31 [left], and her 32-year-old fiancée, Charles Carter [right], were the last of Kohlhepp’s victims. Brown survived after being rescued by police, but Carter did not make it. She was chained like a dog inside a shipping container when the police investigators stumbled on her while searching the farm.
Police searching for the missing couple rescued Brown who was chained inside this green shipping container on Kohlhepp’s farm property in Spartanburg County.

todd-kohlhepp5Todd Kohlhepp [photo]., a real estate agent with his own firm until his arrest, killed Kala Brown’s boyfriend and had her chained like a dog in a metal container. Brown said in an interview that Kohlhepp bragged about killing over 100 people instead of the 7 victims he admitted to cops.
The bodies of 29-year-old Johnny Joe Coxie and 26-year-old Meagan Leigh McCraw-Coxie were found on Kohlhepp’s 95-acre tract of land after his arrest in November 2016. The couple had been hired to do work on Kohlhepp’s property.
Kohlhepp was eligible for the death penalty, but the plea deal took that off the table.
No one has been executed in South Carolina in more than six years because the state lacks the drugs needed for lethal injections.
Kohlhepp moved to South Carolina in 2001 shortly after 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping in Arizona. Authorities there said the then 15-year-old forced a 14-year-old neighbor back to his home at gunpoint, tied her up and raped her.

Friends and co-workers at Kohlhepp’s real estate business said he was a hard worker with some strange habits. He would watch pornographic videos during work and joked on his firm’s website that he motivated workers by not feeding them.
Kohlhepp’s reign of terror came to an end on November 3, 2016, when police searching his Woodruff property heard a woman’s screams coming from a shipping container.
Kala Brown later told police that she came out to the property two months prior with her boyfriend, Charlie David Carver, for a cleaning job.
Kohlhepp shot Carver dead and then chained her up in the storage container where he continued to rape her on a near daily basis.

kala brown2.jpgKala Brown appeared on the Dr Phil TV show, having waived her rights to anonymity, to speak about her ordeal at the hands of Todd Kohlhepp
In February, a very emotional Kala Brown spoke out about her ordeal during an interview on Dr Phil. Then 30, she recalled that her kidnapper first shot her fiancee, Charles Carver before chaining like a caged animal in a container for what turned out to be a two-month captivity. She said Kohlhepp would rape her twice daily

After finding Brown and arresting Kohlhepp, investigators searched the property and found Carver’s body in a shallow grave, along with the remains of two other people. Those remains were later identified as Johnny and Meagan Coxie.

After his arrest, investigators excavate some of his victims, from Kohlhepp's farm, this time a married couple..pngAfter his arrest, investigators excavate some of his victims, from Kohlhepp’s farm, this time a married couple.
Meagan and Johnny Joe Coxie1.jpg
The remains found with Charles Carter’s body was later identified as Johnny Joe Coxie and his wife Meagan. They had all been buried by the killer on his farm.

Kohlhepp told investigators that he shot Johnny when he tried to rob him. He then locked up Meagan in the storage container and kept her there for six days before shooting her dead as well.
While in police custody, Kohlhepp also confessed to the 2003 quadruple murder at the motorcycle store.
In February, Kala Brown gave an emotional interview to Dr Phil, recounting her two-month captivity inside a pitch-black 30-foot container, where she was chained by the neck and raped twice daily.

 Scott Ponder and his mother Beverly Guy (pictured) were found dead at the bike shop in 2003.jpgScott Ponder and his mother Beverly Guy (pictured) were found dead at the bike shop in 2003
Melissa Pondar Brackman and her son Scott Jr.pngMelissa Ponder Brackman, speaks to he press, Friday after her husband’s murderer Kohlhepp was sentenced, beside her is their son 13-year-old Scott Jr 
Last victim, Charles David Carver's family  listen during Kohlhepp's sentencing Friday.JPGLast victim, Charles David Carver’s family listen during Kohlhepp’s sentencing Friday.

Brown was not in court on Friday for Kohlhepp’s sentencing, but dozens of family members of some of the other victims were on hand to present their impact statements, reported
Scott Ponder’s widow, Melissa Ponder Brackman, described the days after the 2003 quadruple murder as ‘living hell’ and lamented that her son had missed out on so many special moments with his dad.
Scott Jr, who was born after Scott Sr’s slaying and never got a chance to meet him, told the court: ‘I have lived 13 years without a father.’
Cindy Coxie, Johnny’s Coxie’s mother, labelled Kohlhepp’s actions as ‘incomprehensible evil.’

TKA Real Estate.pngTodd ran his real eastate business – TKA Real Estate – in Greenville South Carolina for 13 years
todd-kohlhepp6Braggart Kohlhepp who was always keen to flaunt his wealth and spin tales of his exploits reportedly, had always been sex-obsessed, since childhood. He bragged to his victim about his ‘100 kills’
Todd Kohlhepp8.pngThe one time successful realtor, Kohlhepp, has been convicted of seven murders and will serve 7 consecutive life time behind bars, plus 60 years

Before Kohlhepp was charged with murder last year, he had built and ran a successful real estate business in South Carolina for a decade, and few people knew he already had a blemished past.
As a teen in Arizona, Kohlhepp was living with his biological father, William Sampsell, when he lured his 14-year-old neighbor away from home and raped her at gunpoint. He was tried as an adult and sentenced to 15 years in prison for felony kidnapping, according to police records.
After his release, Kohlhepp moved to South Carolina and received his real estate license, working as a broker for a Spartanburg real estate company before starting his own real estate business, TKA Real Estate.


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