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German tourist slashes his own throat as police try to arrest him ‘for murdering his Thai beautician girlfriend over sexual jealousy’

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German tourist slashes his own throat with box cutter  as police try to arrest him ‘for murdering his Thai masseuse girlfriend over sexual jealousy’
Nico Papke, 35, was arrested on Sunday for the murder of  Picha Nampadung, 35
Her decomposed body was found in the jungle in Phuket, Thailand, the same day
The victim’s body had stab wound to her chest and neck, wrapped in a blanket and duct tape
When police stormed Papke’s hotel room he slit his throat with a box cutter
The personal fitness trainer from Altodobern, Germany is in stable condition in a hospital following his arrest 
Nico Papke 1.pngGerman tourist Nico Papke, slit his own throat in a failed suicide before he could be arrested on Sunday in Phuket, Thailand on suspicions of murdering his Thai girlfriend

A German tourist was taken to hospital after slashing his throat with a box cutter when police in Thailand tried to arrest him over the grisly murder and depraved disposal of his Thai girlfriend.
Nico Papke, 35, sparked a police man hunt after his masseuse girlfriend Picha Nampadung,  went missing on July 1.
Pica Nampadung 1.pngHer decomposed body with a stab wound to her chest and neck was found wrapped in a rug bound in duct tape and dumped deep in the jungle in Phuket, Thailand, on Sunday at 2pm.
The body was dressed in black shorts and a black T-shirt. A cuddly toy was wrapped inside the blankets along with the victim’s body.
The gruesome discovery comes amid rising concerns for the safety of Pischa “Lek” Nampadung, a 35-year-old beautician who worked at a salon in Rawai, who was last seen on Saturday, July 1.
The personal fitness trainer  was arrested on Sunday in Phuket, Thailand, after the body of his girlfriend, 35-year-old Picha Nampadung [left] was found deep in the jungle a week after she went missing. As police tried to take him into custody on Sunday, Papke slit his throat with a box cutter.
Papke from Altodobern, Germany was taken transported to hospital where he was in stable condition conscious but not co-operating with officers.
Police were initially unable to interview Papke while doctors treated the wounds around his neck.
Medics kept a watch on him around the clock after he was arrested over the death of Nampadung, whose nickname was Lek.Nico Papke 2.jpg
Officers said they are not looking for other suspects and were considering ‘sexual jealousy’ as a motive.
Police said that on June 30 there was a loud argument between the pair ‘then it went quiet’.
Lieutenant Colonel Eakarart Chartphai from the Phuket Provincial Police said that before Nampadung went missing, neighbours heard her arguing loudly with Papke, [right].
He said: ‘The body was found in the abyss deep in the forest of Wichit and is expected to be Miss Nampadung.
‘At this point, the body was covered with a mat. The body was wrapped completely. The rope was used throughout the body of the deceased. There is adhesive tape over the mat at the foot and head again.
‘She is believed to have been dead no fewer than seven days.’
The alarm was raised by friends who contacted the family asking why Ms Pischa had not come to work for days. Nampadung’s niece Rujida Onkorat, 19, made an appeal for help finding her aunt after realizing she had not been in to work at the massage salon in the Rawai district of the tourist island.
Finally, Pischa Nampadung’s uncle, 62-year-old Lamduan Sridonsai, filed a missing person report on July 6.
Prior to her disappearance, the victim was known to be dating the German tourist. According to police reports, sometimes she stayed at his place, but on June 30, they were over at her place and late that night neighbours heard a loud argument between the two, then it went quiet.
The next day, one of Ms Pischa’s friends observed Papke at Nampadung’s rental room.
Papke was spotted by witnesses walking around the holiday island who then alerted police.
Lieutenant Colonel Eakarart Chartphai added: ‘He used box cutters to harm himself when police found him. The wounds did not reach the trachea.’

Nampadung decomposed body was found wrapped in a rug bound in duct tape and dumped deep in the jungle in Phuket, Thailand, on Sunday.pngNampadung decomposed body was found wrapped in a rug bound in duct tape , on Sunday
Pischa's body was discovered in the jungle with stab wounds 2.jpgThe body had been dumped and dumped deep in the jungle in Phuket, Thailand
Pica Nampadun 2.pngMasseuse Pica Nampadung was murdered and dumped in the woods by german expatriate boyfriend, Papke

She said she was ‘broken hearted’ after Pitcha was discovered on a slope around 0.6miles  inside jungle in tambon Wichit in Phuket’s Muang district.
Rujida said: ‘Why could they not just let him die? He cut his neck, and still did not die.
‘Hell does not want to get him. Even if he goes to jail he’ll never be able to pay for what he has done. Heaven knows how much I love Picha. Love will never die.
‘We had so little time together. But heaven knows how much it meant to me. She knew I loved her more than anyone.

 ‘We are shocked. Our whole family is still so shocked by this. Never could we think that this would happen to Picha.

‘She was so beautiful, so loving, such a good person. This is not fair to her, she was the most beautiful person.’
Police said that Nampadung was found still clothed with her toe nails painted white and her fingernails painted red.
She had suffered a stab wound to the left side of her ribcage, her neck and appeared to have facial injuries.
A teddy bear was found wrapped inside the rug with her. Her corpse has now been sent for a post mortem examination at the Wachira Phuket Hospital.
Police said that Papke had arrived in Thailand on June 21 last year with a 60-day tourist visa and had re-entered again on September 20. His current visa was due to expire on December 18.
Lt Col Saman Janrong said they are now checking CCTV footage and interviewing relatives and friends to gather evidence.


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