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Robber to man who thwarted him ‘how dare you stop me robbing Starbucks?’ Ryan Michael Flores stabbed 17 times during botched coffee shop burglary plans to sue customer who stopped him   

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‘Okay, the case is a robbery suspect loses his weapon during an attack and get’s stitched with it, now he wants to sue and his parents are behind him …hmm!, looks like quite a few people were waiting for the loot’

Ryan Michael Flores, a robbery suspect in Fresno, Calif., wants to sue a customer who thwarted his stick up of a coffee shop
He allegedly attempted to hold up a barista at Starbucks with a gun and knife on July 21
He was stopped when 58-year-old Cregg Jerri, a customer inside the coffee shop snuck up behind and hit him in with a chair
During the struggle, the inept robber was able to get off just one stab before losing his knife and getting stabbed 17 times, with his own knife
Flores, 30, wants to sue the Starbucks customer who stopped him from robbing the store
His parents claim Jerri went too far trying to stop their son from robbing the store
He’s been held in Fresno County Jail, charged with second-degree robbery, assault with a deadly weapon
Ryan Michael Flores 2.pngRyan Michael Flores at gun point forces the barista to hand over the cash in the till

Although Ryan Michael Flores readily admitted in a jailhouse interview that he was wrong to pull a fake gun and then a knife while masked during the July 21 robbery gone bad at a Starbucks coffee shop in Fresno, California.
The 30-year-old man in jail for a failed robbery attempt at Starbucks is considering suing the good Samaritan who stepped in and stopped him, saying the customer used excessive force.
Flores was arrested in July for trying to steal cash from the Fresno Starbucks when he was stopped by 58-year-old Cregg Jerri, a customer inside the coffee shop.
During the tussle, the suspect was stabbed 17 times. Jerri suffered a stab wound to his neck.

Video from the Starbucks allegedly shows, Ryan Flores, wearing a Transformers mask and displaying a gun, later identified to be a fake
Speaking with ABC 7, Flores’ parents claimed Jerri went too far trying to stop their son from robbing the store.
His mother, Pamela Chimenti, said her son almost died twice in the emergency room from the stab wounds and the family is considering a lawsuit.
In surveillance video from the store, Flores is seen entering the Starbucks wearing a “Transformers” Optimus Prime mask and brandishing a gun.

Ryan Michael Flores is blindsided by Cregg Jerri 3Cregg Jerri hits Flores with a chair from behind

The 30-year-old suspect approaches the barista at the cash register and demands the she opens the register. When that doesn’t work, Flores pulls out a knife.
It was later determined that the gun was fake.Ryan Michael Flores 1 Jerri is seen in the video sneaking up behind Flores and hitting him over the head with a chair.
A struggle ensues and the two men fall to the ground. Jerri was stabbed in the neck, but managed to get the knife away from Flores and stabbed the suspect 17 times. Flores [left], fled the restaurant but was later arrested when people noticed he was bleeding and called police.
Chimenti told the Fresno Bee the wounds her son suffered were “kill strikes.”
“Once you have somebody down, you can’t keep stabbing them,” she said.
Flores told the outlet that he was simply trying to get away from Jerri after getting hit over the head and didn’t mean to stab him.
“I don’t like to judge people, but that’s a lot of stab wounds,” he said.
An attorney for Jerri told the outlet that his client was a “good Samaritan” and he doesn’t think his client will be punished for stepping in.
Flores remains in the Fresno County Jail on charges of second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.
Flores’ mother said her son nearly died in intensive care from the stab wounds and believe he used excessive force. The family is considering a lawsuit.
Flores was charged with second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and remains at the Fresno County Jail.

Cregg Jerri stabbed Ryan Michael Flores 17 times .pngJerri [blue shirt], stabbed Flores [seen on the floor], 17 times, after wrestling the knife from the would-be robber, while foiling his robbery attempt

So far, while Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has praised Jerri as a hero who stepped up to stop the crime.
In contrast, describing the wounds their son received as “kill strikes.” Flores’ parents, Pamela Chimenti and Mark Flores, say Jerri’s actions were a clear case of excessive force, and Jerri should be charged with committing a more serious offense than their son.
“Once you have somebody down, you can’t keep stabbing them,” she said.
Said Mark Flores: “I understand he (Ryan Flores) robbed the store but (Jerri) stabbed my son 17 times.”
However, Jerri’s lawyer Ty Kharazi, an attorney called on to represent Jerri, said the chances of his client facing penalties are slim.
The suspect’s dad, Mark Flores said “I understand he [Ryan] robbed the store but [Jerri] stabbed my son 17 times.”
To buttress his point, the senior Flores believes that presiding Judge, Wayne Ellison, supported his view that Jerri used too much force in stopping the crime because during an August court hearing, Ellison advised Jerri to “get a lawyer.”
Laughing off that interpretation of the court’s message, Jerri’s attorney, Kharazi, says Mark Flores misunderstood Judge Ellison’s intent, which was to ensure his client’s interests were protected.
“The judge was trying to watch out for” Jerri, said Kharazi.
Added Kharazi: “He [Flores] pulled a gun, the [cashier] starts laughing at him. The he pulls a knife and [Jerri] was hitting him with the chair. [Flores] turns and stabs Jerri … My client is a good Samaritan.”


4 Comments on Robber to man who thwarted him ‘how dare you stop me robbing Starbucks?’ Ryan Michael Flores stabbed 17 times during botched coffee shop burglary plans to sue customer who stopped him   

  1. Reblogged this on Peach6972's Blog and commented:
    Ridiculous, they planning a lawsuit, can you believe it
    Wat your opinion on this?

  2. OK well these new media have gone too far and always take stories they hear and flip them. WATCH VIDEO IN SLOW MOTION PLEASE!!!
    You all will see that Flores didn’t stab Jerri intentionally, look closely and you’ll see that the knife doesn’t touch Jerri until Jerri knocks Flores to the floor then grabs Flores Arm(the one with the knife) and pulls his arm back and got stabbed by mistake then you’ll see Jerri grab it after getting stabbed and then starts stabbing Flores. OK everyone also even when Flores was screaming for his life saying in words “Please stop your killing me I have a baby ” and Jerri continues to stab Flores another 4-5 times, now this news reporter left alot of details out and trust me I have seen video in slow motion more than you can count and Ryan Flores is telling you all the truth and is innocent of Assault with a deadly weapon.

    Thank you,
    Mary Bruce

  3. I can tell by watching the video it won’t matter what you say. You show a gun. Your getting taken down. And I wouldn’t stop either. He had a gun! And a knife. Who knows if he has another and he’s just saying that to get a chance to break free and grab it and attack again. You must be retarded mary. That man was acting on fear and on the moment. It’s too bad but too sad for the robber. And do say other wise is gross and inhuman. The man had no clue what to believe but to stop and believe the man with a gun. Ha

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