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Pennsylvania woman, 33, charged with shooting pharmacy executive in the face when he tried to evict her – Jennifer Morrissey admitted shooting 64-year-old Michael McNew

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Pennsylvania woman charged with shooting 64-year-old live in pharmacy executive in face claims it was an accidet
Pharmaceutical executive, Michael McNew, was fatally shot by Jennifer Morrissey in his home in Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania Aug. 6
She then staged a burglary to cover her tracks, but she was tripped by phone transcripts and text message the pair exchanged , just before the shooting
Morrissey, has been charged with  criminal homicide,  burglary, tampering with evidence, possessing instruments of a crime
Morrissey, 33, moved in with McNew, 64,  in 2015 but recently they had a falling out, he reportedly wanted her out of the house, sparking the deadly confrontation
After he told Morrissey he would be boxing up her belongings for storage, authorities found him dead in a chair in his home on Aug 8 
Morrissey is being held at the Bucks County jail without bail and is scheduled  to appear in court on October 16
Jennifer Morissey 8.JPGJennifer Morrissey, 33, has been charged with the shooting death of Michael McNew on Aug 6 in Bucks County

A 33-year-old woman living with a  64-year-old pharmaceutical executive was charged with shooting him in the face and then staging a burglary to cover her tracks.
Jennifer Morrissey was arrested on charges including burglary, tampering with evidence, possessing instruments of a crime and criminal homicide in the slaying of Michael McNew, from Bucks County, ABC 6 reported.
The pair began living with each other in 2015 but recently had a falling out. His demanding she leave  the house likely sparked the fatal confrontation.
McNew reportedly told estranged live-in he’d be boxing up her belongings and shipping them off to storage, Aug 6.
Authorities found the father and grandfather dead in a chair in his Pennsylvania home, along the Delaware River, on August 8. The autopsy report determined he died from a single gunshot wound to the head. No weapons were found, but investigators recovered shell casings at the scene.
Investigators were able to recover a series of threatening texts from Morrissey to McNew, sent the same day, according to CBS Philadelphia.
“Get the gun ready cause I’m coming, I already told you I’d be there tonight … guess you’re just going to have to shoot me,” she allegedly texted. “You have a choice. Touch my stuff or I’ll cut your throat,” the suspect wrote.

Michael McNew 2Michael McNew, allegedly was fatally shot by Jennifer Morrissey when he tried kick her out of his home in Upper Makefield, Pa., on Aug 6

In another text she wrote: “I’ll gut you like I’m field dressing a [f***ng] deer.”
Investigators would not elaborate on the details of Morrissey’s relationship with the executive, though she did indicate he’d been financially supporting her NBC reports.
“It’s safe to assume there was a relationship between Mr. McNew and Ms. Morrissey,” Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub, said.
“It’s not disputed that Ms. Morrissey did have a boyfriend other than Mr. McNew.”

Michael McNew's home 1.JPGThe shooting took place at Michael McNew’s water front home in Bucks County, PA home where the pair had been living

McNew reportedly threatened to give the FBI information on her boyfriend — he has not been charged, though officials believe she tried to cast suspicion on him initially.
Investigators say all the evidence points to Morrissey and shows she was in McNew’s home the night of the murder. and she took great care in covering up the crime.
She allegedly staged a robbery scene, stealing a laptop and cellphone, as well as deleting all her text messages.
In an interview with police, the suspect tearfully said McNew took care of her and that he didn’t deserve to die. Morrissey told police she had lived with McNew for several months, but that McNew had cause to be threatened by her boyfriend. She also told police she killed McNew accidentally on the night of August 6.
According to Morrissey, she visited McNew on the night of his death with the intent of confronting him. He allegedly, brandished a gun and asked the whereabouts of her boyfriend. The two struggled over the gun, but she accidentally shot him in the face after wrestling possession away from McNew, Morrissey told police.
She wrapped up the gun in a bandana and fled the scene. Returning to the house the next day,  she staged the crime scene look like a burglary, Morrissey said.
Investigators searching the residence found two firearms, both registered to the victim, but neither matched the casing found near his body.
The suspect is being held at the Bucks County jail without bail and is scheduled  to appear in court on October 16.



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