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Trust fund kid Thomas Gilbert Jr., 34, is sentenced to 30 years in prison – ‘five years for every bullet’ the Princeton graduate shot, killing his wealthy father after his allowance was cut

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Thomas Gilbert Jr. shot his father, Thomas Sr. 70, in the head on Jan 4, 2015
The Princeton University graduate faced murder, gun possession among other charges
The 34-year-old had been living off his parents’ money but was being cut off, sent his mother to go out to fetch him a Coke and a sandwich, then shot his father in the head
He claimed he was schizophrenic and committed the killing during a psychotic break
His mother Shelley testified in support of him, saying he was ‘sicker’ than ‘any of us knew’ 
The court rejected his insanity claims and instead he was convicted of murder 
He was sentenced on Friday to five years for every bullet he fired into his father’s body 
Prosecutors have rejected his claims of insanity and say it was premeditated
Prior to the murder Gilbert Jr researched murder online , then drove to Ohio to buy a Glock

The playboy had been living on $1,000-a-week and had his apartment paid for him separately. He was however furious when his father insisted that he get a job and start looking after himself.
The final straw was when his father reduced the allowance from $400-a-week to $300-a-week.
‘The free ride was going to an end. It wasn’t a symptom of psychosis, it was a symptom of entitlement,’ prosecutors said during the trial.

Before ‘executing’ his father, he researched murder online and purchased a gun.
Gilbert Sr. had recently set up a hedge fund but had been turned down for a $1.5million loan to finance it.

Until then, Thomas Jr. had lived off his parents lavishly, traveling the world on their money. They paid for his memberships to exclusive clubs in the city and the Hamptons, paid his rent on his Chelsea apartment, his Jeep and all of the parking tickets he incurred with it. The defense claimed that he was unable to keep a job because he was schizophrenic and that his parents supported him because of it.



Thomas-Gilbert-Jr-18.png‘My son is nuts’: Shelly Gilbert’s 911 call; Ivy League Killer Thomas Gilbert Jr.  was arrested [photo], just hours after in Jan 2015


It was Shelley who called 911.
In her recorded call, she told the operator when asked who had shot her husband: ‘My son.
‘He’s nuts, but I didn’t know he was this nuts.
‘He shot him in the head.’
Gilbert Jr.’s old roommate testified at the trial that he had tried to kill him ‘several times’.
After the sentencing on Friday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. said in a statement that justice had been served.

‘Thomas Gilbert, Sr. was a beloved member of his family and business community when his own son murdered him in a cold-blooded killing.
‘But now, thanks to my office’s prosecutors, the defendant has finally been held accountable and he will serve a life sentence for this unconscionable crime.
‘While nothing can undo the tragedy of Mr. Gilbert’s death, I hope that the resolution of this case helps his loved as they continue to heal from this devastating loss.’

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