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Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, right-hand man to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi killed in Syria in a joint US and Kurdish operation, hours after the death of the Islamic State terror leader

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It has also been reported that Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, the right-hand man to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a joint operation of US and Kurdish fighters in Syria hours after the Islamic State terror leader blew himself up during a raid conducted by US special forces, a Kurdish commander said.
al-Muhajir, who also served as a spokesman for the terror group, was targeted near a village near Jarablus in northern Syria, said the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, Gen. Mazloum Abdi, in a tweet.
The operation was conducted near midnight Saturday in Idlib province — an area that contains a stew of extremist organizations.
British based rights monitoring group The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said al-Muhajir was killed while traveling in a convoy that included a fuel tanker and a car.
A spokesman for the Kurds, Mustafa Bali, told the AP they believe al-Muhajir was in the region to assist al-Baghdadi.
“More (IS figures) remain hiding in the area,” Bali said.

Mazloum Abd tweet 1.JPG Gen. Mazloum Abdi confirmed the killing of  al-Muhajir, in a tweet
Abu Hassan al-Muhajir1Regarded as the likely successor to al-Baghdadi, ISIS spokesman, targeted near a village near Jarablus in northern Syria
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killing 5Vehicles near a destroyed truck at the spot where Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, the Islamic State [IS] group’s spokesman, was reportedly killed in a raid in the northern Syria


US troops reportedly had cleared the compound including his wives and 11 other children who were not injured.
al-Baghdadi, reportedly a rapist and author of Islamic State and responsible for countless atrocities. Inexplicably the terrorist leader had taken refuge in a part of Syria controlled by al Qaeda, from which he’d broken years ago when he founded his so-called Islamic State.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 1ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, killed himself on Saturday to avoid capture by US S special forces who raided his compound in northern Syria near midnight on Saturday.

His death over the weekend is seen as a huge blow against global terrorism, and a decisive blow to the once-potent extremist group that has now been routed all across the swaths of Iraq and Syria that it once controlled.
It’s also a victory for President Trump, who took office vowing to crush ISIS — and has, who tweeted that al-Baghdadi “died like a dog, he died like a coward,” Trump said Sunday morning.
US forces had had him under surveillance for weeks before the president gave the go-ahead for a mission to capture or kill.
According to Trump Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, as well as Kurdish forces, assisted with intelligence, search and cornering of the terrorist leader.
The raid also led to the capture of considerable intel that should help run down scattered remnants and assets of the terrorist group across Syria and Iraq.

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