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‘Beauty, Brain and Muscle,’ Chinese bodybuilder-turned-doctor has social media buzzing with racy Instagram posts

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Chinese bodybuilder-turned-doctor, Yuan Herong, swapped her bodybuilding lifestyle for a doctor’s smock, but still finds time to model on the side
Her 800 Instagram posts, including nudes, has attracted large following with interesting comments from viewers
Yuan Herong 6The stunning beauty, has poise to match her first-class brains
She is a beauty, a model  with a prize winning body builder. Stunning Chinese bodybuilder-turned-doctor, yuan Herong  has caused a stir on social media after posting a series of snaps showing off her muscular body.
Though Yuan has swapped her bodybuilding lifestyle for the white doctor’s smock, she has not giving up pn her other passion of modeling, which she still finds time to do on the side.
Yuan Herong 41‘My career is medicine, my passion is fitness’

To fans asking her about whether she will continue with her bodybuilding career, she responded: “My job is a doctor, a part-time model, not a fitness coach.”
Herong has been dubbed “Chun-Li” by fans, likening her to the iconic Street Fighter character.

Yuan Herong 28Yuan has quickly gathered a huge fanbase, boasting over 60,000 Instagram followers – despite the site being banned in her country.
And these fans regularly gush over posts, with the Chinese beauty being snowed under by compliments.
One wrote: “A stunning beauty, a stunning body… Completely stunning”.
While another posted: “Yuan, you are very beautiful. But what impresses me more, is not your beautiful body, but that you’re a doctor helping people which indicates a beautiful heart and intelligent mind.”
Another just had to admire: “Those legs!!!! Everything is GOALS”.
“Lol one your leg has more muscles than my whole body,” another added.

One person wondered whether it was too good to be true: “Is she natural?”
While another wondered just how Herong got her body into such shape: “I’m so curious of your diet”.
She has built her fanbase over time, having posted on Instagram over 800 times – and is not afraid to show off the body that she is proud of – having posed fully nude on the platform.

Yuan Herong 42.JPGBeauty, Brain and Muscle –  The doctor turned bodybuilder has shown you do not have to forego one for the other
Yuan Herong 12Body builder turned medical doctor, Yuan Herong, has been dubbed “Chun-Li” by fans, likening her to the iconic Street Fighter character

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