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‘Murder For Murder’ Voicemails delve into Dulos murder scheme – Fotis Dulos ‘plotted to kill his attorney’s wife in exchange for an alibi the morning his own spouse Jennifer disappeared’ – attorney’s estranged wife

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Cops accuse troconis, Mawhinney of plotting to provide murder suspect, Fotis Dulos, with bogus alibi 
Embattled Connecticut luxury home builder Fotis Dulos ‘plotted to kill his attorney’s wife in exchange for an alibi the morning his own spouse Jennifer disappeared’ police said
Voicemails reveal the accused murderer trying to meet with his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos on the day she vanished in Connecticut
Shocking new twist in the Fotis Dulos murder case came with the revelation by attorney Kent Mawhinney’s wife in explosive sworn affidavits
Mawhinney’s wife believes Fotis Dulos and her own husband were trying to ‘get rid of her’
Dulos is charged with murdering his own wife Jennifer on May 24, just days earlier, he tried to convince Mawhinney’s wife to come to his home
Both couples were in the midst of bitter divorce battles at the time and Mawhinney’s wife found the attempted intervention from a non-too-close acquaintance, strange and suspicious
She turned he attempts to lure her to Dulos; Framington estate home

Dulos briefly met with Mawhinney’s wife at Max’s Oyster Bar West Hartford on May 19, according to the warrant, and then contacted her on May 20 and May 21 — three days before Jennifer vanished. 

In the new voicemail messages released by WTIC-TV, Dulos is heard trying to make plans to meet with Mawhinney’s wife.
‘Hi… this is Fotis Dulos from Fore Group. I just wanted to reach out to you. When you get a chance my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.’
In another recording he says, ‘Hi… It’s, uh, Fotis Dulos. Hope you’re doing well. Uh, it’s Sunday morning, mid-morning, and I’m just trying to touch base with you to see what the plan is so I can plan my uh afternoon, evening accordingly. OK. Call me back. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.’
Mawhinney’s wife’s attorney, Zenas Zelotes, said the voicemails were the start of a suspicious plot to get her to Dulos’ home in Farmington.
However, she was immediately skeptical, and didn’t understand why Dulos, whom she barely knew, was suddenly trying to mediate in her contentious divorce battle.
‘This is not a close family friend, this is not a relative, this is not the type of person who you would expect to reach out and try to mend a marriage,’ Zelotes told the Fox affiliate.

Fotis Dulos 16.pngFotis Dulos arrives home on Thursday evening escorted by two officers. He was released after posting $6million bail bond, two days after being charged in the murder of his wife Jennifer. 

Arrest warrants released last week revealed that cops believe that Mawhinney, as well as Dulos’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis, conspired with Dulos to kill his wife Jennifer by allegedly concocting alibis for him.
Jennifer, a mother of five, disappeared from her home in New Canaan on the morning of May 24. – Although her body has never been found, police believe Jennifer was murdered between 8.05am and 10.25am.
According to the warrants, cops believe that Dulos woke up at 4.20am, when his phone alarm went off, and drove the 70 miles from his home to Jennifer’s in a borrowed car with doctored license plates.
Investigators allege both Troconis and Mawhinney were supposed to provide part of Dulos’ alibi that morning.
In police interviews, Troconis initially claimed that she and Dulos woke up at 6.40am and had intimate relations before she made breakfast. They were also intimate inside his SUV in the driveway of a home Dulos was constructing later that day, she claimed.
In subsequent interviews, her story changed when she was confronted with evidence, the warrants said.
Troconis also initially told police that she last saw Dulos that morning around 8.15, as he was meeting with Mawhinney in the home office at Dulos’ $4.2 million mansion in Farmington.

Mawhinney initially told investigators there was no meeting with Dulos that morning, then he recanted admitting a meeting had been scheduled, but that he didn’t attend.
In a second police interview, Mawhinney claimed that he’d suffered a concussion on May 25, the day after Jennifer’s disappearance, and had no memory of seeing either Troconis or Dulos on the day in question.
Fanning the embers of suspicion further, he also said his phone had broken in the fall and had to be replaced.
The attorney continued denying having contact either with his client or Troconis on May 24, despite phone records showing that Dulos called his phone that evening, while police believe Dulos and Troconis were driving around Hartford disposing of evidence.
‘I don’t remember having contact with him [Dulos]. If there’s a phone call I guess I did. But I don’t remember having contact with Fotis,’ Mawhinney told cops, according to the warrant.
Police also connected Kent Mawhinney with an apparent makeshift grave that was discovered soon before Jennifer disappeared, but never used to dispose of remains.
On May 18, about a week before Jennifer disappeared, members of the Windsor Rod & Gun Club in East Granby came across a hole two feet wide, six feet long and three feet deep in a restricted area of the grounds.
One witness, Jay Lawlor, said he uncovered an ‘area of disturbed ground’ while walking through woods with his friend Lee McKay during a hunting trip for his birthday.
He described the hole – which was covered by ‘two barbecue grill grates’, small branches and leaves – as ‘100 per cent a human grave’, arrest warrants state.

Lawlor and his friend, worried that someone would fall into the concealed hole, moved the leaves and grill covers hiding it so that it was clearly visible.
Lawlor apparently  ‘shrugged off’ the strange find until he heard that Mawhinney, who helped found the hunting club and purchase the land it owned, was ‘involved in that Dulos case’.
Investigators also heard that Mawhinney, who at that point was no longer a member of the hunting club, allegedly asked a member about accessing the property, which is secured by fencing and a logging chain, in March and April. The warrant claims he was then told of a hidden key.
Cellphone records placed the lawyer near the site of the hole on March 29 and May 31, according to police.
Lawlor went back to the site in June and discovered the hole was filled in and covered ‘as neat as a pin’.
Investigators searched the area, and found evidence that the hole was filled in, but a thorough search revealed no human remains.
Mawhinney is currently being held at the Bridgeport Correctional Center pending bail of $2 million.
Dulos walked free on $6 million bond last week, and Troconis also posted her bail of $1.5 million. Both are currently under house arrest with ankle monitors.
Dulos, Troconis and Mawhinney have pled not guilty in the case. Dulos’ criminal attorney, Norm Pattis, has said he believes that the state’s case is exceptionally weak.
‘We categorically deny that Mr Dulos had any involvement in the disappearance of his wife, and we defy the state to prove that she is actually dead,’ Pattis said last week.
Pattis said that a jury would hear an explanation for the state’s forensic evidence — including bloody zip ties, gloves and other items, ‘from Fotis himself’, implying that the accused murderer plans to take the stand in his own defense at trial.
The suspects have been separated at trial.
Michelle Troconis is due in court on February 7. Fotis Dulos is back in court on February 28 ,while Kent Mawhinney is set to appear in court on February 20.


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