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Highland Park shooter charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, as crowd funding for toddler who lost both parents in Highland Park parade shooting hits $2million mark

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July 4th shooter Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo of Highland Park, IL, was arraigned Wednesday

Appearing virtually from the Lake County jail, he faces seven counts of first-degree murder

Crimo reportedly, was eerily calm, staring blankly ahead, as a judge ordered him held without bond

If convicted on the charges, Crimo would face a mandatory life prison sentence without the possibility of parole

A toddler lost both parents in Crimo’s shooting spree, Irina McCarthy, 35, and Kevin McCarthy, 37, were at the parade with their toddler Aiden when a gunman disguised in women’s clothing opened fire

The couple were among seven innocent people shot dead during the mayhem, but their son was discovered under the body of his mortally wounded father

Aiden was found bloodied by community members who cared for him until he could be reunited with family

A GoFundMe account has raised over $2.2 million to help his grandparents care for Aiden

At least seven people were killed and 47 people injured during the shooting

Those killed include Irina and Kevin McCarthy, Stephen Strauss, 88, Jacki Lovi Sundheim, 63, Katherine Goldstein, 64, and Nicolas Toledo, 78

Two-year-old Aiden McCarthy was found under his mortally wounded father. His mother also killed in the mass shooting

A face of a young survivor of Monday’s Mass shooting during the Independence Day parade near Chicago has become the poster reminding everyone of the far reaching aftermath that the evil of mass shooting is inflicting on America.
The July 4th carnage that took place in the high brow Chicago suburb of Highland Park took the lives of a couple in their 30s who left behind an innocent 2-year-old son. Strangers rescued the toddler who was found under his dead father during the mayhem. 
Irina McCarthy, 35, and her husband Kevin McCarthy, 37, were at the parade with their toddler Aiden when a gunman disguised in women’s clothing opened fire on the Fourth of July celebration, turning the typically joyous event into a bloodbath, officials said. 
Seven so far died and 47 injured following the July 4th shooting. The rollcall of the dead include:
Kevin McCarthy, 37
Irina McCarthy, 35
Stephen Strauss, 88
Jacki Lovi Sundheim, 63
Katherine Goldstein, 64
Nicolas Toledo, 78
The identity of the seventh victim, who died in a hospital outside of Lake County, is yet to be released.
The McCarthys were among seven innocent people shot dead during the mayhem. Their son was discovered under the body of his mortally wounded father by a fleeing passer-by, according to the Daily Beast.
Lauren Silva, the woman who he was the first to attend to Aiden when her boyfriend brought the child in the chaos, he was still in diapers, had one shoe on, a few scrapes, and a sock that was fully covered in blood: “My boyfriend handed me this little boy and said he was underneath this father who was shot in the leg,” he said, adding “They were trying to stop the bleeding so I brought the boy downstairs into the garage.”
As she and the boy huddled together for safety, alongside another family, “He kept asking if mom and dad are going to come back soon,” Silva recalled.

Victims: Aiden’s parents Irina McCarthy, 35, and Kevin McCarthy, 37, both were killed in the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

A GoFundMe page was set up in the child’s honor by friends of Irina. The page raised more than $2.2million raised of the $500,000 goal as of Wednesday.
“In the aftermath of the Highland Park, IL shootings on July 4, the North Shore community rallied to help a boy who we knew nothing about. We took him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to locate his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family,” the fundraiser states.

Aiden, is seen the arms of Dana Ruder Ring, who was taking care of the child until 8 p.m. and posted the original photo of the now orphaned boy to help identify him. Aiden has been reunited with his grandparents.

“Sadly, I need to share his name…Aiden McCarthy. And he needs more of our help. His parents Irina & Kevin were killed during the July 4 shooting. At two years old, Aiden is left in the unthinkable position; to grow up without his parents.” 
The child is currently under the care of Irina’s parents, Misha and Nina Levberg, the fundraiser stated. 
“He will have a long road ahead to heal, find stability, and ultimately navigate life as an orphan. He is surrounded by a community of friends and extended family that will embrace him with love, and any means available to ensure he has everything he needs as he grows,” the GoFundMe explained. 
“On behalf of his family, and with their permission, I am establishing this fundraiser to support him and the caregivers who will be tasked with raising, caring for, and supporting Aiden as he and his support system embark on this unexpected journey.” 

Victim: Stephen Straus, 88, has been identified as the third victim of the Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting. He was remembered as a “sweet and gentle soul” by his niece.

Angela Vella, a friend of Irina, wrote on Facebook that her “stomach is in knots.” 
“I can’t believe this has happened. Irina was such a fun person with a genuine soul. I have so many positive memories with her,” Vella wrote. 
“My thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially her sweet sweet little boy. If you are able to donate, please do so. I am still in shock and incredibly hurt over her passing, along with the rest of the tragedy as a whole.” 
General scene of a mass shooting that is under investigation by the FBI and local authorities in Highland Park, IL.
Another victim identified by shattered relatives Tuesday was 88-year-old Stephen Strauss – a “sweet and gentle” financial adviser who still took the train to his Chicago office every day.
Straus’s grandson Tobias Straus said he was at a “loss for words” when reached by The Post. 
“[He was] active, very active… for his age it was pretty remarkable,” Tobias said by phone of his granddad. 
“He was in great shape, especially for his age. He definitely could’ve lived a lot longer.” 
Despite his advanced age, Stephen was still working as a financial advisor in Downtown Chicago and would commute to the office each morning by train, Tobias said. 
“He was always biking and walking, and he went to work everyday by choice,” the heartbroken grandson said. 

78-year-old father and grandfather Nicolas Toledo was sitting in his wheelchair when he was shot at the Highland Park parade shooting.

Cynthia Straus, Stephen’s niece, posted a heartfelt tribute to her uncle on Facebook, writing “no one should die this way.” 
“Yesterday, the darkest day you can imagine, my Uncle, my father’s brother, Steve Straus, was killed in The Highland Park 4th of July Day Parade shooting. It was a tragic, senseless loss,” Cynthia wrote. 
“He is integral to our family, a kind, sweet and gentle soul with great humor, intelligence and keen wit. He towered over our family like a protective Oak sheltering his own,” she continued. 
“Follow The Sun Steve, to the other side of the veil. Only those who have left this world know what awaits, and for me I can only say that if there are bells at Heaven’s Gate they are chiming and cheering for you, for a life well lived, and a soul well served.” 
Three other victims have been identified in the tragedy so far, Nicolas Toledo,78, Jacki Sundheim, 63 and 64-year-old Katherine Goldstein.

Jacki Lovi Sundheim was identified as the second victim in the Highland Park July 4th parade shooting in Chicago, Illinois.

Jacki Lovi Sundheim, a member of the Jewish communities on Chicago’s North Shore, taught preschoolers and prepared adolescents for their b’nei mitzvahs and couples for their wedding ceremonies. She was one of the seven people killed by the gunman on Monday as she watched a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park. The 63-year-old grew up in the city and had worked for decades at North Shore Congregation Israel, a Reform synagogue in nearby Glencoe.
Farid Amirouche, who lives across the street from Goldstein, was at the parade with his wife and daughter when the shooting broke out and was shaken to learn his neighbor was among those killed.
“I’m sitting here in shock,” Amirouche told The Post by phone, adding Goldstein was a “very nice person.”
“We’re not used to seeing stuff like that and I’m very disturbed that this is my neighbor, her house is facing my house.”

Victim: Katherine Goldstein, [left],was also killed at Monday’s July 4 massacre in Highland Park, Illinois 

More heartbreak stories of families torn apart by the wanton shooting of the deranged 22-year-old gunman have emerged.
Katherine Goldstein, a 64-year-old wife and mother of two, was among the paradegoers in attendance, as was her 22-year-old daughter, Cassie Goldstein, who stood by her side at the event. Cassie survived.
In an interview with NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt on Tuesday, Cassie recalled the chaos when shots first rang out and opened up about her mother’s final moments.
Nicholas Toledo, 78, was a grandfather from Morelos, Mexico, who had come to Illinois to visit his family about two months ago. He leaves behind his eight children, as well as grandchildren.
According to his granddaughter, Toledo who uses a walker wasn’t sure if he wanted to go to the Fourth of July parade because of the large crowd and floats, but the family didn’t want to leave him alone, so they all walked over to enjoy the festivities.
He was “Happy to be living in the moment,” she recalls. That is, until someone opened fire on the crowd and bullets rained on their location, three striking her grandfather and killing him at the scene. The son who tried to shield him was shot in the arm. The granddaughter’s boyfriend was also shot in the back.

Alleged shooter Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo faces seven counts of first-degree murder. If convicted on the charges, he would face a mandatory life prison sentence without the possibility of parole

A few hours after the shooting a local Highland Park resident, Robert ‘Bobby Crimo’, 22, was taken into custody in connection with the incident. Crimo reportedly, he was eerily calm as a judge ordered him held without bond Wednesday, staring blankly ahead as he appeared virtually from the Lake County jail.
Making his initial court appearance, he faces seven counts of first-degree murder.
If convicted on the charges, Crimo would face a mandatory life prison sentence without the possibility of parole, according to Lake County state’s attorney Eric Reinhart.

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