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Lindsay Shiver’s release from Bahamas prison on $100,000 bail, after being locked up for two weeks over ‘murder-for-hire’ plot, delayed by a day

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Lindsay Shiver was granted $100,000 bail, and has been ordered to remain in The Bahamas and is required to wear an ankle monitor until her next court appearance Oct 5

The alleged brain behind an island murder-hire-plot was seen leaving Nassau’s notorious Fox Hill Prison on Tuesday morning after her parents secured a $100,000 cash surety 

However, while Shiver was set to be released on Tuesday, she had to return to prison because she had not provided the judge with a local address, a condition for her bail

She had spent the past two weeks locked up, accused of conspiring with her barman lover to arrange a ‘hit’ on her estranged husband, Robert Shiver, 38

She was arrested after allegedly texting a picture of her husband to Faron Newbold via the WhatsApp chat with the words, “Kill him”

The estranged couple are going through a contentious divorce centered around their multi-million dollar real estate holdings

Lindsay Shiver, her barman boyfriend Terrance Bethel, 28, and Newbold, 29, his childhood friend, all face up to 60 years behind bars if convicted

Lindsay Shiver was seen leaving Nassau’s notorious Fox Hill Prison on Tuesday morning after her parents secured a $100,000 cash surety 

Georgia housewife Lindsay Shiver, one of a trio caught up in an island murder-for-hire plot, was seen for the first time since she was arrested in the Bahamas for allegedly plotting with a lover to assassinate her ex-football player husband.
Shiver, 36, looking exhausted was marched off a prison van in handcuffs and led inside the Central Police Station in downtown Nassau to finalize arrangements for her $100,000 bail on Tuesday.
The mom-of-three, who is accused of hiring a hitman to murder her estranged husband Robert Shiver, still has to be processed and fitted with a GPS ankle monitor before she can be released.
However, while Shiver was set to be released on Tuesday, she reportedly, had to return to prison because she had not provided the judge with a local address as required.
She is now set to be released following a Wednesday court appearance. Her alleged co-conspirators are also expected to appear in court.
Former Auburn University football captain, turned insurance executive Robert Palmer, 38, was on a solo vacation when he was contacted by island authorities who revealed the plot for his elimination set up by his estranged wife and her bartender toyboy.
During the transfer Tuesday morning, Lindsay Shiver, wearing island casuals of flip flops, ripped blue jeans and a tight white V-neck, stared straight ahead and remained silent as she was ushered inside.
Accused of plotting her husband’s murder with her lover and an accomplice, the prisoner did not appear to be wearing her wedding ring.

The prisoner who is battling a contested divorce did not appear to be wearing her wedding ring

Prosecutors say Shiver was far more forthcoming, however, in a WhatsApp chat with alleged hitman Faron Newbold, 29, claiming she sent him a picture of insurance mogul Robert along with a text stating: ‘Kill him.’
Shiver, her barman boyfriend Terrance Bethel, 28, and Newbold, his childhood friend, all face up to 60 years behind bars if they are convicted of plotting the attempted hit.

Shiver wore was led into the courthouse wearing flip flops, ripped blue jeans and a tight white V-neck, remaining silent and staring straight ahead as she was ushered inside

Lindsay Shiver [right, facing camera], as she was being released from prison in the Bahamas

Prior to her release ex-beauty pageant contestant Shiver spent 19 days inside Nassau’s Fox Hill prison – an institution notorious for overcrowding, violence in grim living conditions.
Shiver who was expected to appear at a bail hearing Wednesday, had an early hearing after her attorney Ian Cargill worked behind the scenes to spring her from prison custody, 24 hours earlier than anticipated.
Her parents Cecilia and Andrew who say they are simply ‘bewildered’ by the supposed ‘murder-for-hire’ plot, will chip in for the $100,000 bail bond.
Bahamian authorities made it clear they won’t sanction her release at a bail hearing Wednesday unless her family have paid a $100,000 cash surety and found her a suitable place to live in the Bahamas ahead of her October 5 indictment.

After a thirteen years of marriage and three boys, Robert Shiver filed for divorce from his college sweetheart Lindsay, citing adultery

Former beauty pageant contestant, Lindsay Shiver, [photo], will be released after her parents parents meet the conditions of her $100,000 bail. She will have to stay on the island, surrender her passport and be fitted with a GPS ankle monitor

The suspects, it expected, in defense will argue that they were just ‘sounding off’ and there was never any intention to harm husband Robert, despite his filing for divorce in April, accusing Lindsay of cheating.
The married mother-of-three reportedly, has spent the past several months jetting back and forth from Georgia to the Caribbean to see her beau Terence Bethel while her husband and kids stayed back at their multi-million dollar marital home in Georgia.
Her family and friends begged her to ‘come to her senses’ and end the fling when Robert found out about it in February, according to a well-placed source.
But his wife-of-13 years had become ‘completely obsessed’ with her handsome, 28-year-old island flame.

Shiver last week was granted $100,000 bail and ordered to remain in custody at Fox Hill prison in the Bahamas while her accused co-conspirators, Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold were given $20,000 bail and a curfew

Shiver, has spent the past two weeks locked up in Nassau’s notorious Fox Hill Prison Fox Hill which, it has been noted, suffers from ‘overcrowding, poor nutrition, inadequate sanitation, poor ventilation, and inadequate medical care

Earlier in the week, Bethel declared his love for Shiver, adding that her marriage was on the rocks long before he came on the scene.
Predicting that the case against them would fall apart because cops have blown a few heated remarks out of all proportion, he adds: ‘Go and get the transcripts from the police,’ the bar worker and businessman fumed in his first public comments.
‘They have had both of my phones for three weeks. They’ve been through every single message – there’s nothing there.
‘None of us have anything to hide. People are taking everything at face value and defaming us.’

Terence Bethel, [left], a barman, and the allegedly, designated hitman Faron Newbold, [right], a wannabe music producer, were pictured for the first time last week in an array of social media photos. Both were released Thursday on $20,000 bail

Legal pundits said prosecutors will have to prove the trio were engaged in a credible conspiracy to commit murder, which carries a prison sentence of 30 to 60 years.
The scheme emerged by chance when the management at Grabbers, a rum-soaked waterfront bar where staffer Bethel first hit it off with a vacationing Shiver, reported a break-in to police around July 20.
The thief had cut power cables and disabled the generator to ensure security cameras wouldn’t work before slipping inside the office to ransack a safe.
Fearing the work of an insider, cops insisted on looking at Bethel’s phone and stumbled across unrelated messages in which he allegedly told childhood pal Newbold he wanted to ‘murder’ Robert.

The couple who met in 2007 at Auburn where Robert was captain of the football team, share three children after 13 years of marriage. In his divorce filing after discovering the affair, insurance executive Robert is seeking custody of their boys and total ownership of their Georgia mansion

Lindsay’s parents, Andrew and Cecilia Shirley, [photo], speaking on Monday voiced their support for their daughter. They raised the $100,000 cash surety for her release from the prison in Nassau 

Sources say that Shiver suspected that her estranged husband, whose family owns property in an exclusive nearby resort named Baker’s Bay, was exerting influence to make life hard for her new lover.
She sent Newbold a picture of Robert along with an alleged instruction to murder him, it’s claimed.
Island authorities arrested all three on July 21 and flown to Nassau, the Bahamian capital, to face charges.
Bethel and Newbold, a wannabe rapper and politician’s son were granted $20,000 bail and release on Thursday.
The pair were fitted with ankle monitors and ordered to steer clear of one another, while out on bail.

Prior to the alleged murder plot, Lindsay and Robert Shiver were scheduled to face each other in court on July 20 in Thomas County Superior Court, where they have filed explosive counterclaims against each other in a hostile custody battle.
While Robert accused his wife of cheating, she countered with accusations of ‘physical and mentally cruel treatment.’
Lindsay claimed her supposed affair was during a time of separation and was ‘legally condoned by husband’, according to court documents.
Her attorney suggested Robert was abusive, writing in a restraining order request: ‘(Lindsay) feels unsafe in the marital home and has installed locks on the interior doors of the home for protection.
‘(Robert) has abused the wife in the home in the children’s presence on multiple occasions, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.’

Lindsay Shiver’s Bahamian boyfriend, 28-year-old Terrance Bethel, [photo], is back in the Abaco Islands after his release Thursday on $20,000 bail. He claims he lover Lindsay Shiver and the marriage was already on the rock when they met

Faron Newbold, the accused would-be ‘hitman’, aka Faylo, is a music producer and son of a local politician in Marsh Harbor, the main town in Abaco, Bahamas who in his day job is as a structural engineer for a power company. he is also out on $20,000 bail

The man who is alleged to be in the crosshair Robert Shiver, is the son of Allen Shiver, who served for more than four decades as CEO of Flowers Foods before stepping down in 2019 from the $5 billion company. Lindsay, a marketing major from Alabama met her future husband at Auburn University, in 2007 while Robert was captain of the football team. The couple have three sons ages, four, six and ten.
The alleged ‘hit man’, Faron Newbold, aka Faylo, is a music producer and son of a local politician in Marsh Harbor, the main town in Abaco, Bahamas who in his day job is as a structural engineer for a power company. Faylo’s friends have laughed off suggestions he was moonlighting as a killer-for-hire
No charges have been filed in relation to the alleged robbery at Grabbers.

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