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Indiana woman killed because her boyfriend didn’t believe in her ‘right to refusal’ – Jason Eaton admits shooting Wendy Sabatini because she turned down his marriage proposal

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Jason Eric Eaton, 43,  turned himself in to Greensburg police officers on Oct. 25 after shooting his girlfriend in the head
Eaton shot 44-year-old Wendy Sabatini, after she turned down engagement ring and marriage proposal
Eaton then left to go tell a friend “he messed up and he thinks he killed Sabatini,” before turning himself in to police and confessing
Faces  murder charge and a possible additional weapons charge

An Indiana man fatally shot his girlfriend right after she rejected his marriage proposal, authorities say.
Jason Eric Eaton, 43, turned himself in to Greensburg police officers on Oct. 25 after killing 44-year-old Wendy Sabatini.
Eaton said he presented an engagement ring to Sabatini, but she turned it down. “Sabatini declined before he asked,” according to court documents.

jason-eric-eaton1Jason Eric Eaton murderd his girlfriend because she would not hear of marrying him

Jason Eaton went to his girlfriend’s Indiana home last week with an engagement ring, he told police. Things did not go as planned, instead Sabatini, a 44-year-old mother of two who also has as a daughter, granddaughter, had her head blown off by the man who only minutes earlier was seeking her hand in marriage
In his statement to the police, Eaton said he had planned on proposing to Wendy Sabatini, according to court documents.
But Sabatini told Eaton “no” before he even got the question out.
Then, Eaton grabbed a gun, he later told police.
The suspect told authorities he “retrieved a firearm from a nightstand” and fired the weapon, striking Sabatini in the head, according to the paper.
Eaton then left the home and visited another woman. He told her “he messed up and he thinks he killed Sabatini,” according to the newspaper. The Greensburg Daily News reports that they both then went to the police.
Police reports say  “Officers searched the residence and found Sabatini deceased in an upstairs bedroom from an apparent single gunshot wound to the crown of her head,” the documents read. “A firearm located inside the bedroom was found and seized.”
Eaton was booked and he has been charged with murder.


Wendy Sabatini murdered in cold blood by her boyfriend last week, because she shutdown his marriage proposal

Sabatini’s 18-year-old son, Lake arrived after Eaton left the residence, but had no idea what had transpired.
“I was laying down when the police showed up and said that, ‘we got a call that there was a gunshot,'” high school senior Lake Sabatini told Fox 59.
“One of the officers said, ‘I know where your mom’s boyfriend is at,’ and I said, ‘He’s with you, isn’t he?’ And I instantly knew that he killed my mom.”
Lake lived in the home with his mother and Eaton, told the station when he got home, the house “looked different, and I don’t know why I didn’t go upstairs.”

Wendy Sabatini's son Eaton with his mom's photo.png

Wendy Sabatini’s son, Lake, holding up a photograph of his mother, a  divorced mother of two killed because she turned down a marriage proposal

Remembering his mother, the high school student said: “Anybody instantly would fall in love when you met her,”
“She was a wonderful person. She was clean-cut. If she needed to tell you she wouldn’t sugarcoat it. She would tell you and just make everything feel better.
“He was supposed to adopt me, to be my dad. I trusted him in every way and then this happens,” he continued.
However Lake said,  he was not surprised by his mum rejected the marriage  proposal.
“I already knew that she was gonna say no,” he told Fox 59. “She just didn’t want to get married again. She was married before. She just didn’t want to go do that again.”
Heather Rasmus, Sabatini’s sister said she was shocked by Eaton’s reaction to the rejection.
“I would have never seen this side out of him, but I guess you truly don’t know everybody,” Rasmus said. “He just didn’t get the answer he wanted.”
describing her late sister as a principled person, Rasmus said: “She was a very stern woman. She stood her ground.”
Colleagues and friends remembered  Wendy Sabatini as a supportive woman who was “inspiring,”according to the Logansport Pharos-Tribune. John Sabitini who was married to Wendy for 15 years recalled her smile, telling the newspaper that when they met: “I couldn’t take my eyes off her.”
“There was just something about her,” John Sabatini told the Pharos-Tribune. “She was always smiling.” The couple have two children and a granddaughter.
A shackled Eaton appeared in person in a Decatur County Circuit Court for his initial hearing last week Thursday. He spoke calmly while addressing the court, acknowledging that he understood the charges against him and the penalties he faces if convicted.


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