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New York police hunt ex-con, Gabino Genao, in shooting death of his estranged wife

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Authorities hunting ex-con suspected of fatally shooting wife’s on May 26, 2017
Police say Gabino Genao, 30, is wanted in connection to the death of a 30-year-old woman found dead in in front of a building Brooklyn  
Ivelisse Alvarado-Genao, was shot in the head in Seagate around 11:15 pm, Friday 
Witnesses identified Genao as the shooter
Gabino Genao1Police in New York encourage members of the public with relevant information about Gabino Genao to call tip line. He is wanted in connection to the death of his wife, Ivelisse Alvarado-Genao, on May 26, 2017
Cops are asking the public’s help tracking down a Brooklyn resident suspected of shooting his 30-year-old wife to death, on Friday.
Witnesses identified Gabino Genao as the shooter after his wife, Ivelisse Alvarado-Genao, was shot in the head on W. 36th St. and Canal Ave. in Seagate about 11:15 p.m. yesterday, police said. The victim died at the scene.
The couple had only been married a short time but quickly began having problems family members said.. Genao was in “a jealous rage” when he arrived Friday night,  said the victim’s cousin Richard Nunez said.
Ivelisse Alvarado-Genao, who recently moved to Maryland with her two children to escape her  abusive ex-husband, was back in New York for a family reunion. Her estranged husband showed up around uninvited at 11:15 p.m. Friday and shot her in the face, witnesses said.

Iveliss Alvarado-Genao1
Gabino Genao allegedly gunned down his wife Iveliss Alvarado-Genao [photo]
The suspect has a long list of priors. He has been arrested 14 times since 2005 on charges ranging from assault to robbery, harassment, strangulation and aggravated harassment, officials said.
He served  two years in prison after being convicted of assault in 2007. Paroled in December 2009, he was back in prison in 2016 after violating his parole in February. He was released again on June 7.
On Nov. 5, cops arrested him in Manhattan for violating an order of protection filed against him by his 29-year-old former girlfriend.
To rub it in, moments after shooting his wife in the head on a Coney Island sidewalk, Gabino Genao reportedly  gloated about it to his mother-in-law, according to the victim’s cousin.
“Where is my daughter?” cried Olga Alvarado.
Genao responded: “I killed her,” said Alvarado-Genao’s cousin, Richard Nunez.
Another family member who was at the family gather when the Genao shot his ex, said she witnessed suspect fire both bullets into her relative from behind.
“They were standing here talking, arguing. He reached out with both arms to hug her or grab her and she pulled away,” said the female cousin through tears.
“He pulled out a pistol, shot her as she walked away. When she hit the ground he walked up to her … and shot her again as she laid on the ground. Then he walked back to our house, and I ran inside.”

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