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St Louis man, 28, charged with murdering his chemical engineer wife leads police to body – Beau Rothwell flipped after he was caught on store cameras buying cleaning products, cops also found a bleach-soaked bloody carpet in their home

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Beau Rothwell faces charges murder of his wife of four years  after police say blood found in the young couple’s home is evidence of murder
The 28-year-old Chemical engineer is accused of murdering his wife, Jennifer Rothwell, also a 28-year-old chemical engineer
On Monday Beau Rothwell led police to the body after he was caught on store CCTV buying cleaning products 
Authorities have been searching for Jennifer Rothwell since last week 
The body was discovered Monday evening, 45 miles away,  in a remote area near Troy, Missouri
Police searching the couple’s home on Wednesday found blood and bleach in the wet carpeting
Beau had posted that his wife was missing on Facebook, asking for help in finding her
He has been charged with second-degree murder and evidence tampering and held without bond  

Authorities believe the 28-year-old St Louis woman was killed Monday.
CCTV footage showed Beau Rothwell buying cleaning products, which included bleach, carpet cleaner, and gloves from a store that same day, which raised suspicions.
She was reported missing Tuesday, and her car was found abandoned less than two miles away later that day.
On Facebook, Rothwell posted that his wife was missing and added that he had filed a police report.

‘Some of you may have heard already, but last night my wife Jennifer went missing,’ the post said.
‘I’ve filed a police report and the search is ongoing. Please, if you hear of anything or have any information it would be greatly appreciated,’ he wrote.
Detectives then searched the couple´s home Wednesday and found a wet carpet soaked with bleach and large areas of blood, some of which had soaked into the underlying carpet pad.
The probable cause statement described the blood as evidence of murder, but police have not disclosed a potential motive.

KMOV reports that Jennifer’s mother, Robin von Hausen, said her daughter had just moved to western St. Louis county with her husband and worked at DuPont.
Von Hausen said it was one of her DuPont co-workers who tipped them off that something might have happened.
‘A coworker texted and said, “Hey, how is Jennifer?” They assumed she just hadn’t come into work because of the weather or whatnot,’ von Hausen said.

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